Mayhem’s Necrobutcher Talks Investment Strategies and Marketing Plans


Metal Hammer has a new interview with Mayhem bassist Necrobutcher (né Vivivegan), and there’s two particularly interesting quotes that I think are worth discussing.

The first quote concerns Necrobutcher’s investing tips:

“Other musicians spend all their money on drugs and women. Some people would say that’s a wise investment. Me, I was smart – I invested in real estate in the early ’90s. I only bought a simple house – more like a cabin. We weren’t bringing in Iron Maiden or Metallica money, so I couldn’t afford more. But I still live in it. Of course I have upgraded it – now it’s worth millions in Norwegian money. Real estate is the only thing that grows in value.”

I don’t really have anything to say about that, I just find it droll to hear a black metal dude talk about real estate.

The second quote concerns Necrobutcher’s marketing strategy for Mayhem:

“I realized that I have the same strategy as Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. He understands it’s important to be the first Western band in any country. When you get there, you are the gods even if the people who come after you are better than you. I love to be the first metal band in any country. We want to play Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan. Afghanistan? Maybe not. They jailed a metal band for 10 years for blasphemy. I’m not ready to go all that way and risk ending up in an Afghan jail.”

That’s a weird thing to say. Not the bit about not wanting to be arrested for playing — I get that 110% — but saying “it’s important to be the first Western band in any country” because it will ensure your popularity “even if the people who come after you are better than you.” It’s rare to hear a musician profess that there are other bands superior to his own. I can’t tell if Necrobutcher is being modest or has self-esteem issues or whatever. It’s a little sad to think that he believes the band’s success is dependent on them being early, not good.

Less relevantly, it’s also an odd backhanded compliment to the Rolling Stones, who have been massively popular for 8,000 years even without being the first Western band in any country.

You can read the entire interview here.

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