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Former Kiss Guitarist Ace Frehley Backs Astroworld Satanic Sacrifice Theory

  • Axl Rosenberg

Ace Frehley is a very talented musician who has been a massive influence on countless hard rock and metal guitarists for almost fifty years, and no one can ever take that away from him.

But if you’ve ever met the dude, you may have been left with the impression that he was the basis for the character of ‘Mimsy’ on South Park.

Keep this in mind as you read the following social media post shared by Mr. Frehley over the weekend. The text accompanied a photo of a sock bearing the popular slogan “Not Today Satan”:

“On tour w/Monique & Lara…In regard to what happened in Houston TX…Our prayers ???? go out to all the families who lost loved ones at the concert!…Seems like it was a ‘Satanic Ritual’ gone very wrong! They’ll Be Hell To Pay!!! For everyone who let those kids die! ????✝️????☯️☮️✡️????☪️…All people of every faith & religion should band together to stop this from ever happening again in America ????????…God Bless!!!????????

In case the meaning of Frehley’s message was lost you amidst all his bizarre overuse of emojis (more on that in a second), Frehley is referring to the tragedy at the Astroworld festival a couple of weeks back, when a crowd surge during Travis Scott’s headline set lead to eight people, ages 14 – 27, being crushed to death, while leaving hundreds more injured. While reasonable, sane musicians, such as Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, have seen this disaster as cause to review safety measures and remind fans to always have each other’s backs, certain lunatics on the Internet have been spreading a conspiracy theory that the whole thing was actually a “Satanic harvesting ritual.” In other words, they believe that these eight people were sacrificed to Lucifer, not killed in a horrifying, likely-avoidable mishap.

Now, given that once upon a time Kiss were protested by Christian groups who claimed the band’s name was an abbreviation for “Knights in Satan’s Service,” you’d think Frehley would be immune to falling for this kind of shit. But like I said:

If you think I’m being mean, I suggest you re-read Frehley’s original message. After suggesting his prayers are worth a shit to the loved ones of the dead, he calls Astroworld “a ‘Satanic Ritual’ gone very wrong.” Given that he seems to believe this was Satanic ritual, there’s no reason to put the phrase in quotes.

There’s also no reason to assume that this was a ritual gone wrong; if the idea was to sacrifice people to Satan, well, mission accomplished, right?

But, again, it’s his use of emojis that’s truly dumb. Look at that part of the message again:

“They’ll Be Hell To Pay!!! For everyone who let those kids die! ????✝️????☯️☮️✡️????☪️…All people of every faith & religion should band together to stop this from ever happening again in America”

So, first, he reacts to people dying with the “face with steam coming out of its nose” emoji, which is like a cutesy way of saying “Hurumph.” It just feels far too light for the matter at hand, like if someone texted you “My dad was killed in a car crash” and you text back “????.”

But that “Well I never!” emoji is part of a string of other emojis, which I think are supposed to connect to the next part of his missive — about people of every faith and religion (or, as a smart person would put it, “people of every religion,” because otherwise you’re just saying the same thing twice).

Of those seven “religious” emojis, only four are actually religious — the crucifix, the Star of David, the menorah, and the crescent moon and star — and they only represent a total of three religions. Even if we’re forgiving and call the yin yang a religious symbol (it’s not — it’s a philosophical one), that doesn’t explain what the hell the pink heart and peace symbol are doing there. Or why he decided to put those ahead of some legitimately religious symbols. Pressed to ponder global religions, Ace Frehley’s thoughts went to hippies and grade school girls before Judaism and Islam.

And so I say it one more time:

Don’t take Ace Frehely too seriously.


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