Limp Bizkit NFTs: Coming Soon


Are you still reveling in the self-described suckitude of Limp Bizkit’s new album, Still Sucks, which the band surprise-released all at once on Halloween? Good news! You can continue to experience the suckiness via an exclusive NFT, as the band plans to launch a series of those oh-so-useful digital collectibles next year.

But first! Guitarist Wes Borland is launching his own NFTs later this month. There’s a musical component to them, and given how eclectic Borland’s solo endeavors have been in the past, this is something you may actually wanna get your hands on… if you have a few hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket you’d like to spend on a digital file that has no useful purpose.

According to Currency.com, Borland will launch nine unique NFTs via the S!NG platform on November 29. The platform is “currently exploring the idea of a real-world experience for the nine winning bidders,” and an additional nine NFTs will be launched, one per day, starting on November 30. If I’m understanding correctly, that’s 18 total Wes Borland NFTs.

Currency.com explains of the NFTs:

“[They] all have titles drawn from the names of Biblical demons, including Balam, Purson, Paimon, Belial, Asmodeus, Vine, Beleth, Zagan and Bael. Each consists of an image designed by Borland and a 30-second piece of music on loop, while the animation aspect comes from the partnership with the platform S!NG.”

Borland himself added:

“I wanted to make a piece of music consistent with my sketch. It was my only rule for this work. I didn’t want to show myself just as a guitar player but as a person. I wanted to show my very soul in this work.”

As for those eventual Bizkit NFTs, he explained that the current supply chain delays for vinyl records — bands and labels are waiting 8-10 months to get wax printed — have resulted in the band looking for other ways to promote and capitalize on their new album:

“We’re gonna do something next year as our new record is just coming out. We’re gonna play together in 2022. Vinyl is so behind, it takes a long time for them. I think we’re gonna work on NFTs and do something really special for this record.”

Still Sucks, the first Limp Bizkit album in a decade, sold 3,500 units in its first week of release, landing at No. 155 on the Billboard 200. That number does not include stream equivalents.

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