Anti-Vaxxer John Dolmayan (System of a Down) Throws Hissy Fit Over Not Being Able to Eat at L.A. Restaurants


John Dolmayan, noted conservative and fourth most popular member of System of a Down, is the latest metal musician to inappropriately invoke the Holocaust while making a non-sensical argument against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Dolmayan, who has more components to his drum kit than he has brain cells in his head, took to social media on Monday (November 22) to whine about some restaurant in his hometown of Los Angeles being unwilling to let irresponsible douchebags freely spread a virus that has already killed more than five million people around the world, roughly 773,000 of which were Americans.

According to recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those unvaccinated against COVID-19 are twenty-nine times more likely to be hospitalized and eleven times more likely to die from the virus.

Still, Dolmayan saw fit to disingenuously compare living under vaccine mandates to living under fascist rule:

“Today I went to a restaurant in Los Angeles that had a security guard that demanded paperwork for entry and watched as dozens of patrons capitulated and showed their ‘papers.’”

As would have been the case in Nazi Germany, when Dolmayan was unable to produce said “papers,” he was removed from the line, interrogated, imprisoned, and ultimately executed. He’s writing these Instagram posts from Heaven.

Only he isn’t, obviously, which is a fairly major difference between vaccine mandates and totalitarian regimes. When people say “Remember the six million,” the rest of that thought isn’t “Jews who couldn’t get a table at Applebee’s.”

It’s also worth noting that the Los Angeles mandate allows those who can’t be vaccinated for religious or medical reasons to show a negative test result taken in the past 72 hours. So Dolmayan isn’t willing to take even the slightest measure to assure people he’s not sick, because that would impinge his freedom, and freedom is everything to him (well, save for a woman’s freedom to choose, of course).

You can read Dolmayan’s entire post below. It accompanies a photo of a sunset, which I guess is supposed to represent the end of democracy? Who the fuck knows. My dog has more cogent ethical views than this moron.


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