System of a Down Drummer Makes Racist Claim About Abortion, Doesn’t Understand What “Free Speech” Means


System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan may make his living performing nu-metal, but he’s got something in common with all the edgelords in the black metal scene: a complete lack of understanding of the concept of “free speech.” What’s more, he’s dug in even farther on his comments agains

Dolmayan — who has found himself under fire in recent weeks for his outspoken pro-Trump, coronavirus conspiracy theory, anti-Black Lives Matter, pro-cop opinions — said in a new Instagram post over the weekend, “You don’t want free speech , you can’t handle free speech because you are cowards and need to be herded along with the rest of the sheep.”

I, too, once cited “free speech” as proof I could say anything I damn please without being made fun of for it. I was five years old, and I had just called a classmate a big poopy-pants fart butt. When he got mad, I defiantly yelled “It’s a free country!!!”

Dolmayan, you see, is indulging in the classic right-wing gaffe of conflating the concept of freedom of speech — in which the First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the government from limiting one’s ability to express their opinions or arresting them for doing so, even if those opinions are anti-government — with an individual’s desire to express his or her own personal opinions.

Last I checked, the government isn’t knocking on Dolmayan’s door and threatening to throw him in jail if he doesn’t shut up, neither is anyone saying they should. People on the internet are simply calling him a fucking idiot for his stated views. But even if we were to take as fact Dolmayan’s cockamamie definition of “free speech” — the right to say what you want, when you want — by calling him an idiot, aren’t we doing that very thing, same as he is? Why doesn’t his kindergarten-level understanding of free speech apply to us, too?

What’s more, in the same Instagram post, John went on to make an extremely racist — and verifiably false — claim that the Democratic party is “directly responsible for 70 plus million abortions ,a large majority of whom were black.” Good old John over here, everyone, saving those poor blacks who don’t know any better from murdering babies left and right! One misplaced comma at a time.

Dolmayan’s post concluded by wishing “the greatest friend to minorities” Donald Trump a happy birthday and bidding him well in the coming November election.

Needless to say, Dolmayan’s political viewpoints clash with those of frontman Serj Tankian, who recently called for Trump to resign. Nevertheless, Dolmayan explained recently how the two of them can coexist in the same band, saying their conversations are “civil” and they have a massive amount of respect for one another. Never mind that System of a Down’s lyrics have been loudly railing against the government from a leftist perspective for over two decades, a core tenet of the band’s identity that seems to be lost on some fans.

Here’s John’s full post, for those interested in a peek inside of the mind of an uneducated, dimwitted nu-metal drummer:

“The reason I post my opinions on this forum and open myself up to attack and ridicule is for you , the silent ones who think they are alone in a world where their thoughts are alien or wrong. You’re not alone , millions are with you. For those of you who think you are coming from a morally superior position therefore any differing opinion or viewpoint is invalid think again. It’s the easy path to think like you , it’s in their best self interests for celebrities and politicians to support you but you will lose in the end because you are the very thing you pretend to fight against. The true fascist, the true bigots hidden in plain sight from the same party who fought to maintain slavery , Jim Crow , non voting rights for women , and who are directly responsible for 70 plus million abortions ,a large majority of whom were black. You don’t want free speech , you can’t handle free speech because you are cowards and need to be herded along with the rest of the sheep. I’m lucky , I’m in an industry where you CAN be honest about your views wherever they fall with little to no repercussions. I don’t rely on a movie studio , label , media or anyone else who will bow down to pandering political correctness and am in no danger whatsoever of “ losing my job” because you don’t like what I have to say . This is a dangerous time where free thought and speech is under attack but it will pass , the next generation is watching as they always do and they will overcome your insanity. Oh , happy birthday President Trump and good luck in November!”

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