Iron Maiden and Marvel Team Up for Disappointing New Merch Designs


Marvel’s recent merch collaborations with Kiss and Nine Inch Nails must have sold well — ’cause the Disney-owned superhero creators are once again teaming up with a metal band for a special line of goodies.

This time, the band in question is Iron Maiden. Maiden + Marvel makes more sense than anything ever has, ever; just slide Eddie right into some famous comic designs and voilà, you’ve got an instant hit, right?

So how on Earth did we end up with these designs?????

What the crap? How fucking lazy is this shit? Wolverine has an iconic storyline set in Japan so they paired him with Samurai Eddie… but that’s about as much thought as they put into it. They couldn’t even be bothered to give us Venom-ized Eddie. It’s just an image of Venom with the title of an Iron Maiden album. I just made this in five minutes, and while it’s not good, it is, somehow, better than the product they are now selling:

Really, the only decent design here is the Deadpool one, which at least bothers to recreate the single art for “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

So that’s disappointing.

Still, if you want one of these, you can buy ’em here. Prices range from $40 – $60. But [ahem] the MetalSucks Loki/Low-Key shirts are like a thousand times cooler, and they only cost ten bucks. Just sayin’.

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