Enlarge The band will release a new album, Hail to the Heroes, comes out February 11.

Girish and the Chronicles Release Anthemic New Rager “Primeval Desire”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Get ready to party like it’s 1989: Girish and the Chronicles, who are arguably* the best hair metal band out there right now, have released a new song called “Primeval Desire.” It seems custom made, as so much of the best hair metal is, for throwing a massive party, getting totally fucked up, and not worrying about how you’re gonna pay for the property damage ’til the sun comes up.

Also, I know there tends to be a lot of focus with this band on singer Girish Pradhan, which is understandable (he’s the frontman, his name is in the title, he has ridiculous pipes, etc.). But I wanna take a moment to call attention to guitarist Suraz Sun, who, once again, delivers an absolutely re-fuckin’-DICULOUS guitar solo that will surely make C.C. DeVille feel like he hasn’t done enough cocaine. Keri Kelli is like “How have I not been in a band with this dude yet???” And Tim Kelly from Slaughter heard it, rose from his grave, proclaimed “FUCK ME!”, and died again. It’s that good.

Experience “Primeval Desire” below! The track will appear on the band’s just-announced new album, the appropriately-titled Hail to the Heroes. It’s set for release on February 11 via Frontiers. You can check out the first single, “Lovers’ Train,” here, and pre-order the album here.

Girish and the Chronicles Release Anthemic New Rager “Primeval Desire”

*Not really arguably, though. Not counting bands actually launched in the ’80s, I think their competition is Crazy Lixx, Steel Panther, and… uh… that’s probably it.

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