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Top 8 Casino Robbery Movies to Watch in 2022


Robbery movies deliver thrill, suspense and excitement like few other films do, and the genre continues to pull viewers into theaters generation after generation. While thousands of robbery movies have been made, there’s something about a casino heist that’s extra thrilling, so we present you a list of top 8 casino robbery movies that will make your day. You can try out a movie-themed slot online before we proceed if you like.

The best robbery movies showcase the true art of thievery while having elements of betrayal, unity, and all the other hallmarks of the human condition. If you want fun and excitement in your life, these movies are perfect for your evening at home or out in the theater.

Now You See Me

Now You See Me is a bank heist movie where four horsemen rob a bank during a magic show and distribute the money to the audience. How did it happen? That was the first question that comes to mind of FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) and French Interpol officer Alma Dray (Melanie Laurent). They keep hunting for the answer, and at the same time, former magician Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) thinks that he knows everything. Is he right? 

The movie plot is action-packed, with a chase between the horsemen and FBI agents, and has some outstanding magic tricks, including cards, hypnotism, escape from a locked cage filled with fluid and insects, and many more. The most exciting part of the film is the interrogation where Dylan Rhodes gets handcuffed by J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg). The film is entirely unpredictable, and to know who holds the strings of the bank heist you’ll have to watch it yourself.

After the success of the original movie in 2013, the fun continued with a sequel in 2016. Fans are eagerly waiting for the third installment of the franchise, predicted for 2022. While you wait that, make sure you catch the first two installments of Now You See Me.

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde is an outstanding 1934 robbery-based classic from director Arthur Penn. The film revolves around two characters, Bonnie (Faye Dunaway) and Clyde (Warren Beatty) who rob a bank and carry out other crimes.

Bonnie Parker works as a waitress for a living but dreams of bigger things, and she encounters Clyde Barrow, who recently got out of prison. Bonnie becomes impressed with Clyde’s bravery and criminal activities while Clyde loves Bonnie’s attitude. The two decide to work together and plan to rob a bank without hurting any civilians.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven shows off the teamwork of a group of professional thieves as they attempt to rob three casinos owned by Terry Benedict. While 11 main characters may seem like a lot, each one is unique and memorable and justifies their role.

The movie starts with Danny Ocean (George Clooney), who just got out of prison, contacting Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) to assemble a team with the courage and know-how to rob casinos. The prime target is Benedict, who owns three casinos in Las Vegas. Danny concocts the perfect plan to rob a total of $150 million and assigns roles to all his teammates, but coordination is an essential factor in success or failure in such a high-wire operation.

Oceans Twelve

Ocean’s Twelve is the sequel to Ocean’s Eleven in which Danny Ocean hires one more member to team up for a European heist. Ocean’s Twelve finds all of the team members out of the money they got from the heist in the first film and faced with two choices: plan another robbery or go to prison. Their old nemesis, Terry Benedict, is full of rage after being bested last time, and he’s out for revenge. Who will succeed, Benedict or Ocean?

Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean’s Thirteen, in turn, is the sequel to Ocean’s Twelve, showing how Ocean and his teammates engage in revenge against their nemesis on behalf of their former partner.

The film starts with one of the team members, Reuben Tishkoff, who had teamed up with Willy Bank for a business. But things become ugly when Bank double-crosses Reuben, who suffers a heart attack and lands in the hospital.

All the former members of the old gang come to visit Reuben and decide to take revenge against Willy Bank, but with an unexpected new member, Terry Benedict. 

Bob le Flambeur

Bob le Flambeur is yet another crime drama robbery movie where you see how a person who lost everything and is aching for money decides to rob a casino. The director’s work is fantastic and the screenplay is outstanding, making sure you won’t want to miss a second of the film.

The movie starts with Bob (Roger Duchesne), a gambler as well as a gangster, creating a team to rob a casino. Bob’s plan was perfect, but somehow the police knew about the heist. Is there a traitor on his team, and will Bob be able to execute the plan anyway?

The Good Thief

This movie, which came out in 2002, is an adaptation of Bob le Flambeur, above, which came out in 1956. Bob Montagnet (Nick Nolte) is a gambler who has lost everything and is addicted to drugs and gambling. Needing money to fuel to his lifestyle, he assembles a team and devises a plan to rob the Monte Carlo casino.

Tech geeks Vladimir, Paulo & Raoul, identical twins Albert & Bertram, a young girl Anne, and a drug dealer, Said, are the members of Montagnet’s team. Things were going according to plan, but a cop tipoff spoils the fun.

Hollow Triumph

Hollow Triumph is a thriller about robbery, betrayal and crime. The movie centers around John Muller (Paul Henreid), who has a criminal mind, but attempted a bank heist and failed, getting him into trouble with Rocky Stansyck, a gambler. To escape from Rocky’s shadow, John decides to take on a new identity as a psychiatrist. Will he successfully get away, or will he find himself in trouble because of his new identity?


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