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Corey Taylor Runs His Mouth About How Machine Gun Kelly Shouldn’t Run His Mouth


Girl, Corey Taylor is maaad. The Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman apparently hasn’t forgotten his feud with rapper-turned-pop-punker Machine Gun Kelly, even though he essentially won it be posting proof that he shot down the opportunity to appear on MGK’s album.

So on this year’s Shiprocked, when he was asked about Machine Gun Kelly, Corey decided to be the bigger man and shrug off the drama. Just kidding, he went on a grouchy old man rant.

You can watch video of the rant via Facebook, but here’s the quote:

“I won’t fill you in on the whole fucking story because you can go online and look it all up. However, I will say this: he maintains that I started it. The truth is he started it. Now, I will explain to you why.”

“If you don’t know, they asked me to do a tune with him. They sent it to me. I didn’t dig it. And I tried to do something with it because of my respect for Travis, because he and I worked together before. They sent me these really weird notes and they wanted me to sing his words. And I just said, ‘I’m not gonna do it.’ And I sent an e-mail. I posted that e-mail. And I didn’t hear back from him. And I thought it was done. Fast forward about eight months, and Machine Gun Kelly is doing this weird Instagram Live interview with Allie from Spotify. And he goes off on this fucking rant about rock stars and comfortable shoes. It sounds as smart as you think it is. … I mean, spit was coming out of his face. And I’m watching it and I’m going, ‘You fuck. You’ve been here for five minutes, basically, and you’re gonna fucking run your mouth about bands that have been doing this for 20 fucking years, like in the mud, in the dirt. They’re gonna wear whatever the fuck they want. You’re gonna walk in here with your fucking black tongue and try to talk some shit on some bands that would fucking circle your ass? Fuck you.’ So when I had my opportunity to say something, I did. And I didn’t call him out. I just said what I said about people failing in one genre and sliding over to another. And that upset him. … Weirdly, we’re in Chicago on the same show, and we’re playing basically at the same time. And he wasn’t happy that there were a lot of people at our show — and I do mean a lot.

“But he, to this day, maintains that I started it. It’s, like, the only reason I said what I said is because he said what he said. You don’t get to walk into a genre with the history, with the work… The fact that this genre really doesn’t get the fucking respect that it deserves. You don’t get to walk in as some weird substitute teacher and pretend that you can tell us what to wear — boots, shoes, house fucking shoes, slippers. Why don’t you suck every inch of my dick? You don’t get to do that. And these are bands that maybe I don’t even fucking know, but guess what? I fucking respect them because they get on fucking stage and they fucking give every fucking thing they’ve got.”

On the one hand, we didn’t expect anything less from Corey Taylor. On the other, I dunno, going on this rant on Shiprocked sort of feels like a pep rally, you know? Obvious the Shiprocked audience hates Machine Gun Kelly. Corey’s just pandering to his people.

More so, it’s kind of a bummer that Taylor, a man who once called himself ‘The Great Big Mouth,’ is pulling this Have some respect, don’t run your mouth about your elders nonsense. Everything Machine Gun Kelly is saying, Corey has at one point or another said. The right answer here is, He’s a young artist, this is his shtick, I got stuff to do.

Anyway, we’re excited for the death match if it comes.

[Via Blabbermouth]

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