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Rob Zombie Reveals Lost‘s Jorge Garcia as The Munsters‘ Hunchbacked Servant


Say what you want about Rob Zombie, but the dude knows how to build up hype for a project. Since officially announcing his reboot of horror-comedy TV series The Munsters last June, Rob has carefully teased bits and pieces from the production, including costume designs, set blueprints, the logo, and eventually the central cast in full make-up. Now, Zombie has introduced another new character and casting choice via his Instagram.

Apparently Floop, the hunchbacked servant of Richard Brake’s Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, will be played by Jorge Garcia, the actor best known for portraying Hugo “Hurley” Reyes on the infamous J.J. Abrams show Lost. The shot that Zombie has revealed shows Floop standing over a dead body with a rack of skulls behind him, bathed in Zombie’s classic blue-light-red-light dichotomy.

According to Zombie’s Instagram:

ATTENTION! CASTING NEWS! Straight from the set of THE MUNSTERS in beautiful downtown Budapest is this exclusive shot JORGE GARCIA as FLOOP – Dr. Wolfgang’s hunchback assistant and Herman Munsters best buddy. I am sure you all remember Jorge as Hurley from smash hit LOST or perhaps from Hawaii Five-O as Jerry Ortega or from Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous 6. 

Check out Garcia in the film below:

We just want to take a moment here to talk about ‘hunchbacks,’ which is a term you don’t really hear that much anymore. That’s because people with disabilities like kyphosis were famously demonized as the familiars of witches and vampires, which is probably where Universal Studios got the idea to give Dr. Frankenstein one, and which is certainly why Victor Hugo chose to make his protagonist a sympathetic-yet-horrific one in his 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Anyway, we’re using the term here because Floop is obviously based on classic horror tropes rather than anyone with a real disability, and it doesn’t seem like Zombie’s intending to hurt or vilify anyone.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Munsters news soon!

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