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Watch: Kittie Rehearse as a Band for the First Time in Five Years


This year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival will see a number of bands reuniting and playing onstage together for the first time ages. Among them are metalcore heavyweights God Forbid, nu-metal boomers Saliva, and Canadian agro metal champions Kittie. Now, the latter of those three bands have posted footage of themselves rehearsing together for the first time in five years.

Kittie posted video of vocalist/guitarist Morgan Lander and drummer Mercedes Lander rehearsing together, with the caption:

“We look like we’re jamming at a construction site! This is the first time we’ve played together like this in 5 years. The feeling is unbelievable! #whatialwayswanted #underconstruction #kittie”

As reported by Blabbermouth, Kittie will play Blue Ridge and this October’s emo-choked When We Were Young Festival. Filling out their line-up will be guitarist Tara McLeod and bassist Ivana “Ivy” Vujic, whose praises Morgan sang while speaking on the Talk Toomey podcast:

“Ivy played on two of our albums, the last two albums that we did. She left the band right before the very last big tour that we ended up doing; she did the Soundwave Festival [in Australia] with us in 2012, and those were the last shows that we did with her. And she just kind of settled into her life, started a family, got married, and so that’s sort of been what she’s been up to. But Ivy’s a metal girl at heart and she’s always been super, super easygoing about stuff. I just sent her a message and I was, like, ‘Hey, can we talk?’ And we had a really, really great phone call and I just sort of explained the situation, explained what was going on. I asked her if she’d be into doing it, and she was, like, ‘Yeah. Sounds great.’ … It’s very much one of those things where you don’t talk that often anymore, you don’t see each other that often, but then, when you all get together again, that chemistry and that vibe is always there.

“I feel like that lineup of Kittie in particular was always very super pro, super chill — no stress, no drama. Just, like, ‘You know what? We’re gonna go out there and we’re gonna sound amazing.’”

Check out the rehearsal video below:

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