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Sevendust Will Start Recording Their New Album This Summer


We’re not what you might consider typical Sevendust fans here at MetalSucks, but we can’t deny how much we enjoy that band’s music. And now, it looks like there’s about to be more to love, as the band have announced that they’re hitting the studio this summer.

According to a new interview with Anne Erickson at Audio Ink Radio (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), guitarist John Connolly said the following of the band’s status:

“We’re in demo mode right now. We’re gonna hit the studio in the summer. So, yeah, we’re working up as many new demos as we can. We started working with LJ [singer Lajon Witherspoon] [to] get the vocal process going. But, yeah, probably [in] July, August, [we’ll] hit the studio.”

When asked about the overall themes and feel of the record, Connolly said:

“It’s hard to say. It’s sort of very all over the place, in typical Sevendust fashion, until we really start to hone in and figure out what’s gonna make it and what’s not. We’re realists at this point. We know all the early stuff that we work on in the demo stage is either gonna be the first single or it’s probably never gonna see the light of day. So some of these songs are just a stepping stone to get to something cooler. It’s always exciting when you’re at this part of the process, ’cause you just don’t know. Sometimes you’ve gotta take a step back and go, ‘Okay, maybe we should listen to some of the stuff that was a couple of months ago’ before you find those special moments. But with everyone sort of diving into the Dropboxes and kind of picking their favorites and stuff like that, I would imagine probably within the next six weeks we’ll have a lot more of a shape and a sound. But, yeah, the vibe is just a big question mark. It’s a big, wide-open canvas right now, which is good, ’cause we’ve got tons of ideas to fill it with, for sure.”

You can check out the interview below, but keep your eyes peeled for new Sevendust in the future!

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