Municipal Waste’s Dave Witte Takes Over Our Beer Metal Playlist with His Favorite Drinking Tracks


MetalSucks and Municipal Waste Present Beer Metal

Updated July 2nd, 2022

WOOOOO, JULY 4TH WEEKEND! We here at MetalSucks observe any holiday with “special-edition” beer cans (honey, I swear, I’m just drinking six of these for the kitsch factor). And who better to ring it in for us than Dave Witte, drummer for Richmond party crushers Municipal Waste, whose new album Electrified Brain dropped yesterday?

Check out Dave’s choices below. Cheers for being the only dude to suggest an entire album, dude.

Here are some of my favorite beer-drinking jams. For me, a good beer-drinking song is one that gets you going and is infectious! Sometimes, they’ll even get the whole room going if the mood is right. Sing-alongs, air guitar, air drums, dancing. You get it. Cheers!

  • Rush, “Tom Sawyer” – Quite possibly the ultimate air drumming song of all time. Beer and air drumming will forever go hand in hand. I can’t resist when I hear this song and not many others can either.
  • Van Halen, “Little Guitars” – This song makes me wanna crush beers and just rock out. I think the opening riff is the sexiest riff ever and it really gets me going.
  • Van Halen, “Panama” – A real mover and shaker here! How can a room full of people not wanna sing along to the chorus while drinking beer? What a motivational beer song!
  • AC/DC, “Bad Boy Boogie” – Possibly my favorite AC/DC jam. Hell, they have loads of great songs about drinking and you can’t go wrong with any of them. When I hear AC/DC, it’s like plugging in a Christmas Tree for me. They bring any situation to life. They’re the best!
  • Deep Purple, “Lay Down Stay Down” – Air guitar, the sickest cowbell ever, and so rocking that you can’t get enough! Bottoms up!
  • Iron Maiden, “The Trooper” – Another song to cut loose with air guitar, and woooaaaahhh sing-alongs. The more beer, the better. 
  • Cinderella, “Hell On Wheels” – I’m a total sucker for ‘Rella and this rocking jam puts the pedal to metal! 
  • Slayer, “Reign in Blood” – A headbangin’ tractor beam. As soon as you hear those opening toms nothing else matters and you know what’s coming next. Air guitar city followed relentless headbanging. I can’ count how many times I’ve done it.
  • BONUS: The whole Metal Church self-titled album – What a record! Whenever I hear a song from it, I wanna listen the whole way through and crack some beers. It’s a beer festival of rocking riffs, air guitar and drums. A guaranteed great time!
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