Listen: Japanese Bands Get the Spotlight in Adult Swim’s Latest Stream


A compilation of Japanese rock and metal bands titled Japan is Loud is currently available for free on YouTube, courtesy of purveyors of Rick and Morty and live Dethklok shows, Adult Swim. The 13-track collection spans multiple genres and covers everything from Looprider’s fuzzy desert rock to Boris‘ experimental style.

Curated by Toonami editor and producer Jonny Rej, the compilation entirely new music from each artist. The collection was initially only available on HBO Max as part of the Adult Swim Festival, which featured live music, sold show panels, and comedians.

Rej said he wanted this compilation to serve as an entry point to Japanese rock that didn’t involve firing up an anime flick.

“Anime has proven to be a great place to discover Japanese bands and, for many, that may be the only place they will hear new music from Japan. However on this comp, I wanted to stay away from the polished rock and pop typically heard in anime and showcase the noise, punk, metal and rock bands from the underground. ‘Loud’ is not a word you would likely use when describing Japan, as manners, customs, and consideration of others are important parts of their culture, but regarding the music on this compilation, Japan is definitely loud.”

There are definitely some oddities on this set, but standouts, definitely include the aforementioned Looprider track “Red,” Boris’ “X,” and DMBQ’s “Psychic Obsession.” All you need to do is come to this compilation with an open mind and you might find something you dig.

It’s always cool to check out what other parts of the world are doing in our favorite genre. Rock and metal shouldn’t be about where you came fom.

Listen: Japanese Bands Get the Spotlight in Adult Swim’s Latest Stream

Japan is Loud tracklist:

  1. Alligator – Oddly
  2. Chu Chu Song – Otoboke Beaver
  3. Red – Looprider
  4. To Raffle or not to Raffle – Melt Banana
  5. I Don’t Care – Mophing People
  6. X – Boris
  7. Dark Matter – P-Iple
  8. Hatred and Sadness – Skitlass
  9. Show You My Soy Sauce – Tsushimamire
  10. Smile Magnet Boy – NENGU
  11. The Consumer – Souk
  12. Waq – Futachi
  13. Psychic Obsession – DMBQ

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