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Premiere: Invictus Offer a Call to Arms on “Get Up”


There’s a clear message on “Get Up,” the newest offering from Kataklysm vocalist Maurizio Iacono’s solo project Invictus and their debut album, Unstoppable. Occupying a similar sonic space to Kataklysm on the new song, Invictus dig into exactly four minutes of fist-pumping, anthemic death metal.

Iacono explains that the song’s meaning represents his personal beliefs in life:

“Since I was a kid growing up, I always lived by the rule of not giving up and fighting for what I believed in. If the doors of life were locked, I would find a way to open them or break through if I had to. ‘Get Up’  is a song that embodies that message: once you’re down, the only way to go is up — nothing to lose, everything to gain — and I’ve been there before.”

The lyrical themes on “Get Up” aren’t exclusive to the track because the lyrics he’s singing are based on his real-world experiences.

“It’s a record about everyday struggle because I’ve always been a fighter. It’s about the emotional impact of everything happening in our world, which inspired this anger in me and a need to express the importance of standing for what we know is true in our hearts. It’s a hybrid between that and revisiting things from my childhood that built me as a person.”

Unstoppable was written, recorded and produced by Iacono alongside Kataklysm guitarist J-F Dagenais and Mutiny Within vocalist Chris Clancy.

The video for “Get Up” appears to have been filmed in Ybor City, Florida and features the band performing live, as well as various B-roll footage of them around town.

Unstoppable is out on October 21 via MNRK Heavy.

1) You Will Know Who I Am
2) Eagles
3) Bleed Me Out
4) Exiled
5) Get Up
6) Weaponized
7) 3656
8) Ghost Of My Father
9) Darkest Of Enemies
10) American Outcast 
11) Keeping The Wolves At Bay

Premiere: Invictus Offer a Call to Arms on “Get Up”
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