Dimebag Darrell’s Guitar Tech Has Signed on to the Pantera Tour and is Bringing Some Authentic Gear


There’s a lot of consternation when it comes to the upcoming Pantera tour and whether or not it actually builds upon or taints the band’s legacy and the legacy of “Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott and Vinnie Paul Abbott. Earlier today, one person that was very close to the late guitar god was announced that he’s joining the tour to help out.

Grady Champion, Dime’s long-time guitar tech, will be joining the band for their upcoming tour to act as a sort of guitar tone consultant to try to replicate that original Pantera tone.

In an Instagram post announcing his involvement, Champion said he was given the okay from Dime’s longtime partner Rita Haney to bring some of the guitarist’s original gear for Zakk to use.

I started with Pantera and I will end with Pantera. I didn’t know the ‘right’ thing to think, to say, to do. When I saw the headline like everyone else, I threw up, sweaty palms, heart was freaking out, I had seen that headline 1000 times in my nightmares.

After it sunk in and I spoke to everyone, I felt like I would be crazy to turn my nose up and say f that. I need to be involved IF I am needed, turns out I am needed, and I’m fkn doing it.

Just yesterday, Pantera announced the first four dates on its highly anticipated tour, announcing their involvement in various music festivals throughout South America and Mexico. No information has been given about any further dates, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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