George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher Drops Adorable Music Video for “Bottom Dweller”


We usually try to refrain from using words like “cute” and “adorable” when describing our favorite metal artists, but God damn it if the new video for “Bottom Dweller” from George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s solo act Corpsegriner isn’t just that.

Featuring an animated, also neckless version of himself, the video takes place during a zombie apocalypse, complete with headshots, Mac truck rundowns, and the systematic destruction of scorpion-Jeffrey Epstein-fronted cults. But naturally it’s gotta start with a claw game because this is Corpsegrinder and the dude will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Corpsegrinder’s solo album came out earlier this year, so this song isn’t new to fans. But to anyone that hasn’t heard the song or followed Corpsegrinder in any capacity, this cutesy-yet-brutal approach to promotional material is smart as hell.

What better way to get your girlfriend into death metal than to show her a video of a big ass lead singer chopping a massive insect in half with his hair? That’s pure cross-generational, cross-genre, crossover gold, man.

Corpsegrinder’s self-titled solo album can be purchased and streamed today.

You can check out the video for “Bottom Dweller,” as well as the lyric videos for “Acid Vat” featuring Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) and “On Wings of Carnage” below.

Corpsegrinder, Corpsegrinder

  1. Acid Vat
  2. Bottom Dweller
  3. On Wings of Carnage
  4. All Souls Get Torn
  5. Death Is the Only Key
  6. Crimson Proof
  7. Devourer of Souls
  8. Defined by Your Demise
  9. Master of the Longest Night
  10. Vaguely Human
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher Drops Adorable Music Video for “Bottom Dweller”
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