Marty Friedman Thinks Cap’n Crunch SUCKS These Days


We’ve all got things that we’re SUPER opinionated about. We metalheads have so many weird ass hills to die on and one of the biggest stars in metal is letting his sugary cereal frustrations boil over.

Yesterday, the Facebook page for the Cap’n Crunch brand of cereal posted a relatively innocuous meme about how people say the brand’s name wrong. Everything was going well in the comments section until former Megadeth guitarist and big-in-Japan guitar hero Marty Friedman came in like a wrecking ball because as it turns out, he is – or at least, he was – a fan of the cereal.

The recipe SUCKS now. Go Back to the original. Whatever you have done to cut costs or follow some stupid protocol, WILL FAIL. Cap`n Crunch is a CLASSIC. You have a responsibility to give it the respect it deserves. It tastes like SOAP now.

While cereal isn’t something that’d elicit the kinda furious anger in most people, Friedman is obviously very passionate about the topic.

And before you go asking, yes that’s actually Marty Friedman’s Facebook account. It’s verified and everything. Though we can’t really vouch for any changes in the Cap’n Crunch formula, or if it was done for cost savings measures of some kind, we’ll take the legendary shredder’s word for it.

Marty Friedman Thinks Cap’n Crunch SUCKS These Days
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