Some Asshole Stole a Trailer Full of Crobot’s Gear


Man, people fucking suck, eh? Pennsylvania’s own Crobot was recently dealt a crippling blow when their trailer full of gear was stolen while parked in Austin, Texas. The band’s currently out on tour with Versus Me, Dust Biters, and Sunvolume, so this kind of loss can be devastating.

According to the band, they lost “all their amplifiers, PA, monitors, drums, trailer, and a whole lot more” in the theft. They still have all their guitars at the moment, but that amount of lost equipment can be devastating to any band.

As a result, the band posted a couple videos of the culprit driving away with their trailer on Instagram, along with the following impassioned plea:

“We’ve seen it happen too often and sadly, now it’s happened to us. To say these thieves made away with our livelihood is an understatement.

“We’re going through every avenue and option we have to retrieve our stolen gear and will continue to do so. We fear though our options are few and won’t come close to what we’ll need to get back on our feet.

“If you’d like to help in any way our great friend Maia Donohue put together a GoFundMe to help us replace all of our stolen gear and purchase a new trailer. We hate that it has to come to this but anything helps. If anyone has any information regarding our stolen gear, please contact us.

“Thanks for all of your support!”

Getting your shit stolen is bad enough, but for that theft to directly impact your livelihood, that’s got to be a whole other level of suck. While we’re hoping that the bastards who did this get what’s coming to them, the band has since had a GoFundMe set up to try to raise enough money to replace the lost items. In total, they’re asking for $30,000 to replace all of the equipment and the trailer.

So if you have it in your heart to donate and have the means, please do so. No band deserves to have their shit stolen. Oh and if you see a trailer with Pennsylvania license plate ZNG9107, call the authorities immediately.

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