Find Hell in “Suburban Bliss” with Rotten Sound’s Latest Single


If you’re looking for an unrelenting piece of grindcore to bash your face against, the fellas in Rotten Sound dropped an anvil of a track from a couple stories up and it’s coming fast. The latest single, “Suburban Bliss” is an incendiary round to the bread basket.

This is the band’s second single off their upcoming album Apocalypse, which is set for release on March 31 via Seasons of Mist. As for the accompanying music video, the band opted to go for a more Spartan approach, highlighting their chaotic energy while performing live than opting for some rote social commentary on manicured lawns and white picket fences.

Definitely check “Suburban Bliss” out below. Apocalypse is currently available for preorder and is also up for presaving on various popular streaming platforms.

Rotten Sound, Apocalypse

1. Pacify (0:42)
2. Equality (0:46)
3. Sharing (1:46)
4. Apocalypse (1:05)
5. Suburban Bliss (1:41)
6. Renewables (0:55)
7. Newsflash (1:21)
8. Digital Bliss (1:17)
9. True and False (0:19)
10. Denialist (1:46)
11. Nothingness (0:28)
12. Fight Back (1:04)
13. Patriots (1:15)
14. Ownership (0:47)
15. Science (0:49)
16. Empowered (1:57)
17. Breach (1:20)
18. Inflation (1:24)

Find Hell in “Suburban Bliss” with Rotten Sound’s Latest Single
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