Enlarge Photo: Becky DiGiglio, courtesy of Negative Blast

Premiere: Negative Blast Debut Ripping New Song, “The King in Vancouver”


It’s hard to be vulnerable in a genre built on aggression and anger, but that’s exactly what Negative Blast did on “The King in Vancouver,” the latest offering from their sophomore LP, Echo Planet. At any point on the album, Negative Blast could be compared to Pissed Jeans, Gel or The Rival Mob with their stomping, mid-paced hardcore that encourages crowd pile-ons and two-step moshing.

On “The King in Vancouver,” the last single before Echo Planet drops on February 10, Negative Blast draw from the melodic side of hardcore, with hints of Blacklisted or Modern Life is War in between the stomp and skronk. It could be said of damn near every song on Negative Blast’s debut album but “The King in Vancouver” is a readymade live staple, with its driving drum beat and bright-but-rowdy guitar tone.

Guitarist Alex Jacobelli provided a deeper insight into the track for MetalSucks:

“While the majority of Echo Planet is dealing with feelings of anger, frustration and apathy with sonics to match, ‘The King in Vancouver’ is somewhat of an outlier. More vulnerable in its willingness to address loss without surrendering to total despair.

“The song started with the main guitar riff. As I was playing it, I began to think of my friend who had recently suffered a pretty fucking brutal loss. What can you say that makes any of that better? I just wanted to express to him that I cared when there weren’t words that would suffice. That’s all this song is. Just trying to be there for a friend when shit goes south.”

I’m not a therapist but that feels like a message we can all get behind. Listen to “The King in Vancouver” below and score your copy of Echo Planet via Quiet Panic.

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