Twitch Streamer Uses the Power of Guitar to Defeat an Elden Ring Boss


Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last year or so, you’ve likely heard of the phenomenon that was Elden Ring. Even non-gamers have heard of the notoriously difficult, yet gorgeous and engaging RPG by Japanese developer From Software.

And while we’ve seen people beat various games with DDR pads, drums, and all sorts of control schemes, streamer MissMikkaa opted to use her acoustic guitar to slay some beasts. She’s already beaten the game with one hand, with a dance pad, and by refusing to level up her character at all. So naturally she decided to use her acoustic guitar.

According to an interview she had with Eurogamer, she managed to utilize her guitar with the help of some additional software on her computer.

“I’m using a program called Abject Audio Inputs which can keybind mouse and keyboard inputs from audio frequencies. I have my guitar plugged directly into my goXLR [mixer] so that the software captures the audio from the guitar only. Then in the software itself I can see what frequency is being output from the guitar when I play it.”

As for how she determined what sounds would do what in the game, she said she wanted to initially use chords, but that proved to be too difficult.

“Originally my idea was to only use chords to play the game so it would be pleasant to listen to for the viewers, but I realized quickly that chords were complicated to play as it would detect multiple frequencies at once.

“Using single notes however was much more consistent. Therefore I isolated several chords which did not have overlapping frequencies and mixed them with single notes as actions in the game. I ended up with around seven chords and six notes, but this may change with time.”

Apparently, MissMikkaa’s played guitar for “most of my life” but that she sees it more as a casual hobby than a money making skill. Still, it’s crazy to think she’s continuing her Elden Ring run with a guitar in hand.

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