Metal Icons Team Up to Offer ‘Most Metal Jaws Summit’ and Sculpture


Metal fans love horror—That’s just a fact. And now, Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope fame has unveiled an iconic Jaws sculpture and teamed up with some other metal icons and the Jaws fan page The Daily Jaws to bring us a special summit.

Not only has he made headlines for his riffing with Broken Hope, Wagner grew up on horror and is well-known as an author and horror memorabilia collector. In his personal collection he has a museum to his other favorite horror film, The Thing, and a museum to Jaws. Now, he has unveiled the latest piece of his collection, a sculpture of professional shark hunter Quint from the town hall meeting scene, created by Hollywood sculptor and makeup artist Nick Marra.

To celebrate his new collection piece, Wagner was joined by Marra, Charlie Benante of Anthrax, and The Daily Daws for a virtual summit where they talked about the importance of Jaws and the sculpture.

Wagner says:

“Nick Marra had to be here since he made this Quint for me. I needed Nick to celebrate this epic sculpture. Nick is an amazing artist—In fact, ‘amazing’ isn’t even a sufficient enough description to sum up Nick’s talent. He went above and beyond for me, and I can’t thank him enough. Charlie is one of my dearest friends and one of the biggest Jaws fans I know. We bonded over Jaws. In fact, Char has one of the yellow barrels from Jaws, and I foster it in my Jaws museum.

“So, when I planned to do this Quint unveiling with Nick Marra, I absolutely HAD to have Charlie be a part of this amazing event. I also felt this event would not be complete without The Daily Jaws joining in. Ross Williams—founder of The Daily Jaws—created the world’s biggest and greatest Jaws fan pages. Over the last several years, TDJ has amassed a titanic following, and it’s all about the love of Jaws and celebrating one of the greatest movies EVER MADE! So, I wanted to give TDJ the exclusive on this—for all of the Jaws fans, for all of the followers of TDJ… Ross said yes, and here we are. How freaking awesome is this???!!!”  

Check out the video below to check out the unveiling of the lifelike sculpture and hear from metal and horror icons about the importance of Jaws fandom today, which ties into a larger conversation about preservation of sharks and our oceans.

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