Ice-T Officially Has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


It’s about damn time! Hip-hop legend, Law & Order star, Body Count frontman and the best personality on Twitter Ice-T was officially given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making him number 2,747. He was given induction speeches by Law & Order‘s Dick Wolf and Mariska Hargitay, plus Public Enemy’s Chuck D.

Obviously the induction speeches were a good time to heap praise on Ice-T. Wolf praised Ice’s longevity in that acting business, something that initially surprised people when the gangsta rap trailblazer signed on.

“Ice has appeared in more of my shows than anyone else on Earth. It goes back now 25 years,” Wolf declares. “I’m now gonna show how old I am by saying, ‘Ice is the coolest guy I have ever met,’ and I’ve said that to him. I don’t know what the term for it is — ‘the bomb’? I don’t know.

“He is universally liked by his compatriots and I assume the same is true of the music world.”

Hargitay praised Ice-T’s roots as a musician, saying:

“At a time when people overuse words without thinking and wearing out the meanings, you are indeed the real O.G.

“You have lived a story that has shaped how you look at the world. A story that would have hardened many people beyond recognition. but instead it filled you with humanity, with humility, with grace and with oh-so-much wisdom. You are a devoted husband and a proud, proud, proud father, and you are taking your place here for all those reasons and for so many more.

“But to me, Ice, the reason you’re here, and the reason you have fame in my heart, is because you are the O.G. of friendship. You are my real deal, my true blue, authentic, unshakable friend, and I cannot tell you what that means to me.”

At the end of the ceremony, Ice-T spoke for himself and expressed his gratitude, saying that a career in Hollywood or the music industry had never been on his radar when he was young.

“I never thought I would get a star — really? I mean, the way my life was going, it was what can we come up in Hollywood and steal. We were really out here causing real problems. And this was just out of the question. Show business was just out of the question.”

Congratulations, Ice-T. Check out the speeches below.

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