MetalSucks is Looking for a Social Media Intern


Do you know your way around TikTok? Are you a master at Instagram? Can you weather the smooth-brained shitstorm that is our Facebook comments? If you answered “yes” to all of those, you may be what we’re looking for when it comes to a social media intern.

That’s right. We’re looking for someone with a finger on the pulse of what’s cool and trending out there with “the kids.” We want someone that won’t need a whole lot of hand holding (ew, germs) and can both create good social media content and follow growing trends on our Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube pages. That can range anywhere from splicing together some quick Shorts or Reels, reposting some hilarious metal memes, or simply doing whatever it takes to drive up engagement and get eyeballs on our shit.

Oh and don’t forget — you must be pretty knowledgeable about metal. We are a metal site, mind you. If you’re interested and want to learn more, send an email with a resume and some example posts or accounts to Frank Godla at [email protected]

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