10 Doom and Stoner Metal Bands You Need In Your Life


Sometimes, you want metal to rip you apart and blast you into the stratosphere with insanely fast, technical precision and apocalyptically demonic vocals, It’s only natural. But what about those times when you want to just want to lay back, turn on the tunes, and melt into your sofa? Well, that’s where doom, sludge, and stoner metal bands come in. Their brand of chunky riffs, slowed down pace, and fuzzy tones make for a highly intoxicating listening experience that may or may not be enhanced further with a little bit of that sticky icky in your lungs.

Later this month, an entire two-day festival called the Heavy Psych Sounds Fest California will bring a veritable smorgasbord of iconic stoner and doom acts, including Mondo Generator, Weedeater, and Brant Bjork, out to two venues to jam out and tune down. Taking place on March 25 and 26, it’s going to be one hell of an event for fans of the genre.

To help navigate the smoke-filled labyrinth that is stoner and doom metal, Heavy Psych Sounds founder and Black Rainbows frontman Gabriele Fiori gave us a list of 10 bands you absolutely have to listen to during your next smoke sesh. And if you don’t partake in the “Devil’s Lettuce,” you should still find plenty to slowly bang your head to in the following acts.

They’re (usually) slow. They’re heavy. They’re groovy. And they’re 100% worth checking out.

Acid Mammoth (Bandcamp)

This Greek band has been a great discovery of the past few years. With their crushing heaviness and their hypnotic vocals, Acid Mammoth quickly won over countless doom metal fans over the world. It’s incredible to see how quickly became so popular although they haven’t toured that much: everybody loves them and everybody wants them.

1782 (Bandcamp)

Born on the Sardinian Island with nothing around them, 1782 draw their inspiration from local myths. They’re heavy, sludgy, super occult with a huge guitar wall, a massive sound and production. Three stoner and doomheads creating their own myth!

Ufomammut (Bandcamp)

This band should be in the pantheon of the greatest! Ufomammut started really soon in a land with nothing around as support or stimulus, and created their own thing. Their vocals are amazing! They literally contributed to shape the imaginary of the doom and stoner scene as we know it today.

High Reeper (Bandcamp)

On the edge of doom, metal and stoner, High Reeper can be slow and also play fast beats, their bass player Shane Trimble is also their producer/engineer, resulting in a killer groovy sound. These Texans are super heavy riffers and toured the Europe and US relentlessly over the years, so definitely a band who should stand among the top rising bands of the last seasons.

Cosmic Reaper

A great surprise coming all the way from North Carolina, super underrated with a super potential. Cosmic Reaper have a great psychedelic doom sound and evocative melodic vocals. Unfortunately, they don’t tour a lot but they are for sure a band you need to have in your record collection.

Messa (Bandcamp)

Italy’s Messa is one of the bands who has drawn a lot of attention lately. With intense, melodic and choral vocals, a refined doom sound, they sound as if they were born in an unholy church! They are invited to play the best festivals, they tour a lot and keep expanding every day, so we definitely need to keep an eye on their next moves! 

Dopelord (Bandcamp)

“From Poland with sludge!” These guys really kick hard with their detuned stoner sound. They are doomy as hell and definitely deserve more attention as one of the fresh revelations of the last years.

Mephistofeles (Bandcamp)

Argentina’s cult metallers Mephistofeles are the worthy heirs of Electric Wizard, with their occult doom pushed to maximum levels. They are bashful, not trying to overexpose themselves because they don’t give a fuck: a real band with a real attitude!

Belzebong (Bandcamp)

The Polish stoned-out doom foursome started this shit a long time ago, and brought the flag of doom over Europe with their relentless touring ethos. They celebrate weed and doom and their shows are so powerful and compelling, they deserve the best and more.

Dopethrone (Bandcamp)

The Montréal, Québec trio is not only a great band, but they’re also good folks in person. Dopethrone have been around for a long time and definitely deserve to get bigger. Their sound is huge and sludgy as hell — the perfect blend of doom and sludge all in one band!

To find out more about Heavy Psych Sounds Fest California 2023 or to get tickets, visit the festival’s website today.

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