Watch Out for Blind Oath’s “Spectral Attack” On New Song


Craving a dose of thrashy heavy metal with a shot of power to jumpstart your afternoon? Look no further than “Spectral Attack,” the latest volley from Tulsa defenders of the faith Blind Oath. After dropping their demo in 2018, Blind Oath are all set to release their eponymous first album next week but the band shared an early taste with MetalSucks.

As the title suggests, the new song is called “Spectral Attack” and it’s a very loose, galloping tune that would be perfect for double fisting mugs of beer at Hell’s Heroes. There’s a definite power-thrash vibe going on here, with biting guitars and vocals in addition to soaring melodies and invigorating guitar solos. In addition to the thrashing, Blind Oath wear their love for American heavy metal like a badge of honor, citing Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol and Brocas Helm as major influences.

Guitarists Mitch Gilliam and Robert Gutierrez deserve a lot of credit here; their playing feels extremely authentic for the time period the band is looking toward. Night Demon guitarist Armand John Anthony produced Blind Oath, which tracks. If anyone knows about making kick-ass heavy metal, it’s Night Demon.

Gilliam adds of the track:

“This Blind Oath song is a cautionary tale of malefic intent. Tie a rope around your waist, before entering the circle; lest you fall victim to ‘SPECTRAL ATTACK.’”

Peep it below. Blind Oath is out on March 17 and the band will play at 2 Minutes to Tulsa on April 1 with Night Demon, Exciter, Satan and more.

Watch Out for Blind Oath’s “Spectral Attack” On New Song
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