Glass Casket Return After 17 Years with a New Track and Album Announcement


Seventeen years is a long fucking time for anything, but if you’ve been patiently standing by for new Glass Casket music, today’s your lucky day. Not only is the band back with a new song titled “Let Them Go,” but they’ve also announced that we’re getting a new self-titled EP on June 9 via Silent Pendulum Records.

The track premiered earlier today over on Metal Injection, who was lucky enough to land the exclusive stream. As you’ll hear from the track over there, it’s fucking heavy, with Between The Buried And Me guitarist Dustie Waring and drummer Blake Richardson returning to the fold. Vocalist Adam Cody and bassist/vocalist Sid Menon are also back in the band, with guitarist Wes Hauch now the newcomer within the band’s ranks.

While it may feel like the band’s been broken up all this time, Waring told fans that they “never really went anywhere.”

“Everyone just kind of had their own lives and plans. Most of the guys were in college at the time and I just wanted to tour and play as much as possible, so Blake and I ended up in BTBAM for the last 19 years. When Desperate Man’s Diary was recorded, we’d already released Alaska with BTBAM and had a pretty non-stop touring schedule so there were only a few shows played during that period.

“Back in 2014, Wes Hauch came and stayed with me for about a month and we put together some material with Blake and demo’d out a few things. I guess it just wasn’t the right time so we just sat on it for a while and stored riffs and parts away for when things lined up. Fast forward to about a year ago… Blake started working on some stuff and emailed us ideas. Everything kind of took shape from there and I started demoing guitars just to see where we were at, how the songs made us feel.

“Everyone was pretty stoked on the material so, Blake tracked his drums at home, I went in and tracked guitars and bass with Jamie King, Adam came in and did his vocals with Jamie, and Wes tracked his solos at home. Very fast, very easy process for us at this point and it came out better than expected. It was time.”

Not only will there be new music from Glass Casket, but Silent Pendulum Records has committed to working on reissues of the band’s two previous albums, We Are Gathered Here Today and Desperate Man’s Diary. There are no release dates for either of those reissues at the moment, but they’re expecting to have them ready for release later in the year.

So to check out the new track, be sure to head on over to Metal Injection. Glass Casket will be available on June 9 via Silent Pendulum, though you can preorder your copy today.

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