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Scott Vogel Names the 10 Best NYHC Records Not From NYC


New York City has long been a hotbed for hardcore and punk music, spawning many bands that became synonymous with the New York Hardcore movement—Agnostic Front, Sick of It All, Cro-Mags, Murphy’s Law and dozens of others. And while New York City is a crucial location for the development of the sound, New York Hardcore encompassed a far wider variety of bands throughout the state, some of whom have remained more known than others.

To branch out across the state, we spoke with a true expert—Scott Vogel, known as the vocalist for Terror, Buried Alive and new outfit Bad Blood, whose new album The Bad Kind Decides comes out on April 5. The charismatic frontman shared the 10 classic NYHC records we all need to know, from the classics to the deep underground.

10. Violent Way

Buffalo’s current oi band are doing a lot and people love it. The band is very hardworking and focused on making Buffalo pop. They support all and deserve it tenfold in return. Look for them coming to your city soon.

9. Betrayed

Rochester always has had a great scene and I love shows there. This short-lived band put out a great 7-inch in the early ’90s somewhere in the vein of Integrity or Mayday. I haven’t listened in a long time but I bet it still hits hard today. Moment of Truth deserves some shine as well. [Not available anywhere on streaming]

8. Another Victim

Syracuse straightedge that hits hard as hell. Anderson was such a great frontman and this band always delivered real power and urgency. Saw them live for the first time in many years a few months ago and it was very cool.

7. Mindforce

One of hardcores current best repping the Hudson Valley. Great people and real deal live show. Keeping the state of NY on top in 2023.

6. Against All Hope

Buffalo’s biggest kept secret from the early 90s. Try to imagine Dag Nasty, Iron Maiden and The Descendents combining forces and that’s the vibe you get here. When everyone in our scene was making mosh, AAH had some melody and smiles and it was wonderful.

5. Dying Breed

North Troy. South Troy. Troy-core against the motherfucking world. A389 is putting their stuff back out into the world to give the new blood a glimpse into this hidden gem.

4. Stigmata

The whole Albany scene has produced some amazing and true life hardcore that should never be overlooked, but Stigmata stands alone as the best in my mind. The catalog is deep and there are no misses in the Stigmata camp. You can even hear their influence on Albany’s SXE best, One King Down, who are a different style but surely have Stigmata in their DNA.  

3. All Out War

There is none heavier than Hudson Valley, NY’s best. Mike Score’s lyrics are mind ripping when coupled with unending riffs of devastation. Some of the coolest people I have met over the years as well.

2. Earth Crisis

A band that changed the sound, style and overall focus of hardcore. These guys are the real deal whether you agree with them or not. Honestly, maybe they changed a big chunk of the human race to open their minds up and possibly look into diets that avoid animal products. Maybe that’s a stretch or maybe it’s dead on.

1. Zero Tolerance

The true kings of Buffalo. If you saw them live back when they were a band chances are you witnessed something special. All respect due now and forever.

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