Crypta is Trying to Raise $60,000 to Replace Their RV Destroyed in Last Week’s Illinois Tornado


It was a week ago today that a sudden tornado ripped through Belvidere, Illinois, causing a tragic incident where dozens of concertgoers were injured and one died when the weather caused a structural collapse at The Apollo Theatre. And while most of the attention has been paid to what happened inside, a considerable amount of damage occurred outside the venue as well.

Among the things destroyed in the incident was the RV Crypta was renting for the tour to live and travel in. This being their first tour in the U.S., this has to be a difficult situation to find themselves in, as they’ve had to rent another RV just to continue on. Apparently, the costs are beginning to mount for the band, since they’re not U.S. citizens and thus can’t receive any help from the state to cover damages. Lawyers are going to be called in and well, now they’re turning to the American legal and healthcare system of choice — GoFundMe. They’ve created a page and are seeking $60,000 in donations to cover costs.

URGENT: We need to fundraise 60k dollars in 15 days.

As most of you know, a tornado hit the venue where we played on March 31st, in Belvidere, Illinois, and we lost the RV we rented to travel and sleep in during our first US tour – it was completely destroyed, we had to rent a new one in order to keep on doing the shows.

As we already imagined, dealing with insurance and compensations has many traps and there is a very high chance that things will get complicated for us.

It will not be as easy as we thought it would be, we will even have to call in lawyers to try to resolve our situation. We are being guided as best we can, but because we are not US citizens, we are apparently not entitled to some state compensation, which further complicates our problem.

In short, if everything goes wrong (and there is a huge chance that it does), in 15 days we will have to pay a new RV to the company where we rent it, which will be around 60 thousand dollars, not counting the lawyer fees we will have to pay during the process.

We know that it is a high amount that we will probably not reach, but at this moment, any help and any amount will already help a lot to reduce the financial damage that we will have.

We avoided asking you for help as much as possible, but right now, it is impossible for us to cover these costs with band’s cash only.

Thank you in advance for the support!


So far, they’ve received more than 460 donations totaling $19,361. It’s already hard to go on tour as it is with rising costs and venue merch cuts shrinking the return for bands. Having to cover that much money in 15 days seems like an unfair ask, but that’s just another day in our late stage capitalistic nightmare.

If you can, please consider pitching in to help them out at the GoFundMe page. Or better yet, if you can make it to any of the shows listed below, buy a ticket, get some merch, and show your appreciation for Crypta, Revocation, Skeletal Remains, and Morbid Angel during this difficult time.

Morbid Angel w/Revocation
Vitriol (April 6 -April 22)
Apr. 07 – Riverfront Live – Cincinnati, OH
Apr. 08 – The King Of Clubs – Columbus, OH
Apr. 09 – Jergels – Pitttsburgh, PA
Apr. 11 – Gramercy Theater – New York City, NY
Apr. 12 – Warehouse on Watts – Philadelphia, PA
Apr. 14 – Empire Live – Albany, NY
Apr. 15 – Worcester Palladium – Worcester, MA
Apr. 16 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
Apr. 18 – The Concourse – Knoxville, TN
Apr. 19 – The Masquerade (Heaven) – Atlanta, GA
Apr. 21 – The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
Apr. 22 – The Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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