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Thulcandra’s Single “Blood of Slaves” is an Uncompromising Piece of Blackened Death


German blackened death metal outfit Thulcandra are a month out from the release of their forthcoming studio effort Hail The Abyss and to mark the milestone, they’ve released a visualizer for their latest single, “Blood Of Slaves.” And it absolutely rips.

Stuffed full of aggressive riffage and malicious intent, “Blood Of Slaves” is an oppressive track that at times takes no prisoners. This new track displays Thulcandra’s adherence to the old school while maintaining a healthy balance with their more modern sensibilities.

Guitarist and vocalist Steffen Kummerer said this track in particular stands out from the rest of Hail The Abyss because of that unrelenting attack it displays from the start.

“‘Blood Of Slaves’ might be one of the fastest and most aggressive songs on our new album Hail The Abyss. With sharp riffing and sheer endless aggression, the song pushes relentlessly.“

Hail The Abyss will be the band’s follow-up to their 2021 release A Dying Wish. Kummerer said this new track was something they could only make after 20 years in the business.

“A banger, and a diverse record that shows a unique blend of black and death metal, combined with classic heavy metal twin guitars. The album turned out excellent and Dan Swanö delivered a splendid mix – raw, natural and showcasing each individual musician on the record. Hail The Abyss undoubtedly turned into a highlight of our long lasting career.“

Hail The Abyss will be out on May 19 via Napalm Records, though you can pre-order your copy today.

Thulcandra’s Single “Blood of Slaves” is an Uncompromising Piece of Blackened Death
Thulcandra, Hail The Abyss
01. In The Eye Of Heaven
02. Hail The Abyss
03. At Night
04. Velvet Damnation
05. On The Wings Of Cosmic Fire
06. Acheronian Cult
07. As I Walk Through The Gateway
08. Blood Of Slaves
09. In Darkness We Descend
10. The Final Closure
11. The Second Fall – Live (CD Bonus Track)
12. Deliverance In Sin And Death – Live (CD Bonus Track)

Hail The Abyss will be available in the following formats:
– 1CD Digipak, incl. Bonustracks
– 1LP Gatefold Black
– 1LP Gatefold Silver
– 1LP Gatefold Gold (via Band store only)
– Ltd. Die Hard Vinyl Boxset (contains several highly collectable items, all packed in a wooden box)
– Digital Album
– CD Digipak + Shirt Bundle
Thulcandra’s Single “Blood of Slaves” is an Uncompromising Piece of Blackened Death
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