Dee Snider “Tempted” to Bring Back the Makeup in Protest of Recent Anti-Drag Laws


Twisted Sister frontman and man of the people Dee Snider is starting to get fed up with the bullshit from American politicians. After months of manufactured outrage over drag shows and their supposed effect on children, the vocalist says he might begin hitting back in one of the most publicly recognizable ways he knows how — by donning the Twisted Sister look from the 80s.

The idea came where most level headed discourse takes place these days — Twitter. While chatting about the “stupidity” about the various laws being made throughout the U.S., one fan referenced an amendment of Montana’s House Bill 359, which they said could also effectively ban “glam rock, wrestling [and] Dolly Parton.” Snider’s response to that was short and simple.

“You know, I haven’t worn the Twisted Sister makeup in many years, but now I’m tempted to put it back on!”

Later on in the thread, he shared a John Wick meme about whether he was “back” or not, adding that “in light of the current stupidity in the USA it just might be time to start wearing” the make up again after more than a decade ago.

For those that don’t know or don’t remember, Twisted Sister burst out onto the scene with iconic rock anthems that still get played regularly to this day. But what really helped propel them to international stardom, it could be argued, was the over-the-top feminine looking getups, complete with teased out hair and dramatic makeup styles. It was definitely drag, if not drag-adjacent.

Snider also said that he believed the majority of Americans weren’t in favor of those anti-trans and anti-drag laws, citing a “bullying minority” getting their way.

“LISTEN UP TRUE MAJORITY! Do you see what’s happening? We’ve allowed the bullying minorities to take control! The media gets blame for amplifying every idiotic thing said giving the appearance of it being “public opinion”. IT’S NOT! FIGHT BACK! PUSH BACK! TAKE BACK CONTROL!”.

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