Sammy Hagar Slams “Chest-Beating Motherf*cker” David Lee Roth: “I Care More About My Voice Than I Do My Dick”


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar has spoken further about his dislike for also former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth on the Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast.

Referring to the 2002 tour the two musicians completed together, Hagar said that his presence on the tour gave Roth a significant financial boost because Hagar was playing bigger rooms and thus had more fans. Hagar then dug into Roth about his personality, saying it differs from the on-stage persona he portrays.

“He’s not a fun guy. He doesn’t play well with others. I’m not sure what his problem is… He just always is about, ‘How can I make this guy look bad?’ And not just me — in life. He’s a chest-beating motherfucker. And God bless him, ’cause the early stuff is frickin’ great. I personally, I’ve tried to say… [I thought] he’d be a fun guy to know. But he ain’t like that. He ain’t like his persona. When you get around him, he ain’t that guy. He’s some other cat.”

Hagar goes on to praise Roth as a showman but says that his voice sucks and suggests that Hagar is the better singer while Roth cares more about his genitals.

“He’s a showman. Hey, listen, I’m a showman too. But that’s his gig. He doesn’t care about singing. If he did, he’d take care of his voice or he’d take voice lessons and get warmed up and do something.

“‘Cause the guy sang so bad last time he was doing shows, it was embarrassing… But he’s a showman. Everything’s show, show, show, show, show, show, show. And he doesn’t care about his voice, which drives me nuts, man. I care more about my voice than I do my dick. If my dick didn’t work a couple of times, I’d be okay with it — I’d be bummed out — but if my voice fucks up onstage, I’m fucking bummed, man.”

More updates on this generational feud as they come in.

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