Gozu, The Zenith Passage, and Elder Devil Added to The MetalSucks Playlist


Man, some killer music came out this week and as such, we’ve updated The MetalSucks Playlist with some bangers. New singles like Blackbraid’s “The Spirit Remains” and Mutoid Man’s “Call of the Void” made the cut, as well as some big drops like Ghost’s iteration of “Phantom of the Opera” from today’s release of Phantomime.

There’s sure to be something for everyone, though Spotify users will have 21 songs this week because I felt like adding an extra song. I make the playlist, so I get to make the rules, damn it!

Make sure you check out the updated playlists below, both on Spotify and Apple Music. All you’ve got to do is hit play below or search for MetalSucks in the app you prefer to find the list. Yes, it really is that easy — but you already knew that because you’re not an idiot.

All we ask in return is that you remember to also follow/like/subscribe/whatever the playlists so you never miss the new tracks added each week.

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