10 Bands That Should Be Way Bigger


We always love turning folks on to new metal here at MetalSucks and there’s been enough great music coming out over the last few years to keep anyone satisfied for a long ass time. And while it’s great that we’re spoiled by the number of options out there when it comes to bands to check out and list to, unfortunately some bands end up getting completely overlooked.

In a bid to fix that lack of exposure, we have a list of 10 bands more people should absolutely know about. Some of these may be familiar to you, but we suggest these bands should be closer to household names than just kick ass acts that we slap on a battle vest for street cred. You may not be all that familiar with these bands, but we guarantee they’re worth more than a listen.


Brazil’s Crypta is so amazing. This band brings some fierce death metal in the vein of Death and other classic bands from the heyday of the genre. All the tools and sounds are there and lead vocalist/bassist Fernanda Lira is destined for greatness. “I Resign” is one of the best death metal songs recorded in the past three years – hands down.

Jungle Rot

Kenosha, Wisconsin generally isn’t regarded as a haven for metal, and frankly, most people probably couldn’t locate it on a map. That might be one of the reasons why Kenosha natives Jungle Rot have flown under the radar for so long. This band has put out solid record after solid record since 1996 and they’ve quite risen to where they should be. It could be that the revolving door of band members has something to do with it as this band’s list of former members would make even Dave Mustaine blush.

Black Anvil

Looking back, 2022’s Regenesis is possibly the greatest metal record of that year that you never heard. These native New Yorkers are largely responsible for the small but mightily growing black metal scene in the southern part of the Empire State. This band also crushes it live.


Warbringer is a really fun band who clearly love what they do. See them once live and you’ll be hooked. Featuring outstanding drumming and one of the greatest vocalists in thrash (John Kevill), this band should be immensely bigger than they are. It’s never too late to jump on the Warbringer bandwagon, so why not start today?

Burning Witches

Since 2017, Switzerland’s Burning Witches has already put out five full length records, with their latest releasing this past May 5, 2023. It’s a solid record that showcases some killer shredding and powerful vocals. While the band has found some serious success in their native country and Germany, it seems that they are still a bit of secret over here on this side of the Atlantic. If you love power metal with some expert songwriting and arranging, the let these witches cast their spell on you.


Featuring one of the world’s greatest drummers, Frost, 1349 is one of the stalwarts in the Norwegian black metal scene. With ferocious speed and aggression this band has released a number of records that truly epitomize traditional sounding black metal. An amazing band live, 1349 has played a number of shows in North America but only a small number of times with all members in tow. 2019’s Massive Cauldron of Chaos is destined to be a black metal classic.


Speaking of under-appreciated black metal bands, Norway’s Tsjuder have had a long an illustrious career spanning now into four decades. Featuring a two person core of founding members Nag (vocals/bass) and Draugluin (guitar/vocals) that has now added drummer extraordinaire Jon Rice to create new music in an even more aggressive direction. The have a new record releasing in June of 2023 that promises to both melt your face off and annoy your neighbors.

Mutoid Man

Stephen Brodsky might be one of the hardest working guitarists in the business with key roles in Cave In, Quicksand and New York-based power trio Mutoid Man. Now with newcomer Jeff Matz (High on Fire) in on bass, this band is poised to break out. Oh, and the fact that living legend Ben Koller (Converge) is the drummer doesn’t exactly hurt either. “Bandages” from their War Moans record is the greatest modern metal ballad you probably never heard.

Cult of Fire

A black metal band that focuses on eastern religions and mysticism, Cult of Fire is hard to pigeonhole. With their costumes and diverse array of stagecraft seemingly influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism and the Vedic, this ever-changing band actually comes up with a new band logo for every release. A mysterious and ritualistic live show that you’ll never forget, Cult of Fire breathes a wealth of new life into the global extreme metal scene.


One of the most musically talented bands in the 90’s Floridian death metal scene, this band often gets overlooked by some of the bigger names who had some mainstream success thanks to MTV. Cynic never had videos that were shown on Headbanger’s Ball, however, an upcoming documentary on the band might finally shine some much needed limelight on this very progressive, very important band.

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