All Day Korn Dreams About Shoes in New Adidas Partnership


You’d think this had already gone down, but nu-metal outfit Korn have apparently entered into an agreement with apparel company Adidas to put out a line of branded shoes and apparel. The news comes after Complex received internal documents highlighting the new line featuring the band’s logo coming this October.

According to the documents, the Korn x Adidas project will feature two sneakers, called the Campus 00s and the Supermodified, as well as several articles of clothing, including two full track suits. You know, like the ones frontman Jon Davis wears in nearly all of the band’s early music videos.

While this may seem like breaking news to most metalheads, if you’re a shoe collector you’ve probably already known about this since last February, as Kicks Finder had the first details way back then.

As you may know, Korn has been connected to the brand since the 1996 release of their sophomore album, Life Is Peachy, which featured the single “A.D.I.D.A.S.” That’s the one where they turn the brand’s name into an acronym that spells out “All Day I Dream About Sex.” Given the band’s penchant of wearing the company’s clothing in the early 90s, they were gifted apparel from Adidas but never ended up signing a deal back then. Eventually, they signed up with Puma instead.

Of particular note is the fact that the band wore Adidas tracksuits during their Sick New World performance: Jon Davis in purple and the rest in black. If you look at the leaked product images below, those are the exact tracksuits that will be sold sometime in the near future. Talk about product placement.

According to Complex, the Campus 00s shoes will cost $130, while the Supermodified shoes will come with a $140 price tag. The shoes will have Korn’s logo on the right tongue, come with guitar pick keychains, and the insoles will have the Life Is Peachy album art printed on them. The two t-shirts will cost $50 for one style and $60 for the o ther, while the hoodie will cost $120. As for the full tracksuits, the purple sequined one will cost $120 for the pants and $180 for the top, while the black and white tracksuit will cost $100 for the top and $80 for the pants.

So tell us, are you in the “It’s On!” category when it comes to these products? Or are they “falling away from” you?

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