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Till The Dirt Sign to Nuclear Blast Records


Till The Dirt, a new band featuring Kelly Shaefer of Atheist fame, just announced their signing to Nuclear Blast Records for their new album.

Their forthcoming record, Outside The Spiral, will release on August 25. Check out the lyric video for the title track below:

Shaefer says about the signing:

“As an extreme metal artist, there is no better place to land than Nuclear Blast. A staff that is second to none, and as a label, I feel they share the same passion I have for metal music. So it’s a true honor to release this record to the world on the best metal label on the planet!” 

He says about the new record:

“My writing went into overdrive during lockdown, and I was writing and recording a new song almost daily as well as playing on the demos. I was inviting friends for solos and guest spots, one being Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy/Nevermore) and also John Longstreth (Origin). Scott Burns (producer for Cannibal Corpse, Death, Deicide) really helped me pull it all in because we had so many songs to work with and had to narrow to 11. It’s one of the most prolific moments in my career, and I’m proud to say there is zero filler on this record. I couldn’t be more proud of it.”

Burns says about the album:

“Kelly and I were talking, and he said let me send you some of my new bands  material. The first track he sent me was ‘Outside The Spiral.’ I was blown away. I loved everything about it. It was simply a great song to me. It was brutal; it was catchy, and it was memorable where I could sing it back in my head after a couple of listens. I also loved it because it didn’t sound like anything I heard on Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal. To me, it was original just like in the old days when I used to record bands. It was why the bands I recorded got signed, because they were original. And then to top it off, he sent me dozens of others songs, and they were equally as good. I think TTD rocks and wish nothing but the best for the band.  It is but a sliver… ”

The title track single includes a guest performance from Testament bassist Steve Di Giorgio.

Shaefer says about the new song:

“‘Outside the Spiral’ was the very first of over 25 songs I wrote for what would become the debut for Till The Dirt.  However, I didn’t start with the intention of a new band or album; I was writing and recording Atheist ideas during the early lockdown of covid. So when I finished the demo, I sent to people I trust to give me honest opinions, one being bassist extraordinaire Steve Digiorgio, and the other legendary producer Scott Burns. Both agreed that it was something of a hybrid..sort of a  different path. Inevitably it was inspiring to hear the positive feedback. Scott Burns then agreed to produce this record, and Steve agreed to play bass on this track.”

Di Giorgio says:

“Kelly and I go back with our own bands as far as 1987, (the) Raging Death comp. I’ve always appreciated the level and precision that Atheist played and admired the multifaceted vocals of Mr. Shaefer. When he hit me up to throw down a bass track on his new project, it was a no-brainer. Hell yes! Not only was it an easy decision based on old friend Scott Burns being involved… but Kelly gave ME the choice of which track appealed to me. I chose ‘Outside the Spiral’ for the eerily spacial riffs and the trippiness of the vocals, both qualities befitting my whacked-out, fretless contributions on bass. Killer track on a killer new album… enjoy!”

Preorder or stream the album here.

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