Dark Angel’s Gene Hoglan Teases “Exciting News” That’s Coming Soon Regarding Their New Album


Ever since late last year, fans of thrash metal outfit Dark Angel have patiently waited to hear anything about the band’s next album. Not much has been shared, outside of the fact that there would be new music coming soon or that they were finally in the studio, and then tragedy struck with the passing of guitarist Jim Durkin this past March.

It’s been a couple months since then, and drummer Gene Hoglan has once again gone on record saying new music is on the way. Only this time, his interview with Heavy New York (as transcribed by Blabbermouth) sounds like we’re getting closer and closer to some new information.

“Well, I tell you, very soon we hope to be able to have a lot of exciting news available for all Dark Angel fans or anybody who’s interested in our music or thrash metal in particular, hopefully in the very near future we’re gonna be able to move things along and be able to announce some really exciting news for Dark Angel and for our fans and anybody, like I say, who might be interested. So hopefully that news is gonna make people go, ‘Yeah! Yes!’

“So we’re excited about being able to unveil it when — I hate to say ‘when the time is right’ — but just seriously, when we’ve got things together and the time is okay to be able to announce, ‘We’ve got something happening, we’ve got something happening, we’ve got something happening, we’ve got something happening,’ all these kind of things, being able to just move forward like one big tank, we’re hoping to be able to do that very soon.”

So there ya have it. We don’t have any new music to share at the moment, but we’ll know more “when the time is right.” Here’s hoping that time is fast approaching, because this thrash metal fan can’t. fucking. wait.

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