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Cryptopsy’s New Album is As Gomorrah Burns and It’s Coming September, First Single “In Abeyance” Out Now


Cryptopsy are back. For the first time in more than a decade, the tech death bastards from the northern confines of Canada are dropping a new album. Titled As Gomorroah Burns, this set of eight new songs will be released on September 8 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The band previously teased the new album’s existence back in May when they announced they’d signed with Nuclear Blast.

In light of the announcement, vocalist Matt McGachy said the band was excited to share the news with long-time fans and newcomers alike, saying he was particularly proud of what they were able to create this time around.

“I’m excited to finally unveil As Gomorrah Burns. It’s an album that we have been crafting for the past five years. A meticulous endeavor that we are proud of. It’s the perfect medley of oldschool Cryptopsy with a few modern twists. We’ve leaned heavily into the grooves and let some of the riffs breathe just a little more than we have on the past few releases. I’m really stoked about the new era of Cryptopsy”

In celebration of today’s announcement, the band released the album’s first single and its accompanying music video for the track “In Abeyance,” which you can check out below. As you’d expect, the single is a face-melter right from the moment you hit play. It just fucking… goes, man.

Though we’re sure he didn’t mean for this to sound like he’s talking about a particularly doomed submersible, McGachy’s comment on the new single makes it sound like the new track was meant to feel abyssal in nature.

“‘In Abeyance’ is conceptually about feeling isolated while being submerged in a new environment. The hunt for a sense of belonging while mourning a previous life. Musically, it’s a slap in the face. It’s a banger that appears to be straightforward yet remains ultra complex.”

As Gommorah Burns will release on September 8 via Nuclear Blast Records, but you can preorder your copy today.

Cryptopsy, “As Gomorrah Burns” track listing:

  1. Lascivious Undivine
  2. In Abeyance
  3. Godless Deceiver
  4. Ill Ender
  5. Flayed The Swine
  6. The Righteous Lost
  7. Obeisant
  8. Praise The Filth
Cryptopsy’s New Album is As Gomorrah Burns and It’s Coming September, First Single “In Abeyance” Out Now
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