American Airlines Lost or Damaged $20K of Nekrogoblikon’s Gear, Offer Shi**y Luggage Instead


What’s the deal with air travel these days, am I right?! You spend all that money to go somewhere and some schlubs handling your luggage either lose your shit or damage it. And then the airline barely takes responsibility! At least, that’s what goblin metal band Nekrogoblikon experienced earlier this month as they traveled to get ready to start their midwest tour.

According to the band, more than $20,000 worth of equipment was either damaged or lost in their flight with American Airlines. As any unhappy customer does these days, the band took to Twitter to publicly call the airline out, placing the blame entirely on the folks that fucked up their equipment.

While speaking with Lambgoat about the incident, the band said the airline “opened up and went through all of our gear and clearly put no effort into closing any of it correctly or handling it carefully. We had cases wide open that were missing crucial items and had a bunch of gear inside smashed.”

Sounds like gross negligence to me. Anyway, after hearing back from the airline and getting a bit of the run around from the airline, the band was ultimately told a week later that they would be reimbursed with replacement luggage. Not a monetary sum, not the full replacement of the damaged and lost gear… fucking luggage.

As you can imagine, that didn’t sit well with the band.

Here’s hoping they get their shit reimbursed and they’re made whole by a literal multi-billion dollar, government subsidized corporation. It’s the least they can do…

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