Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 14, 2023


Another sweaty day in paradise while we await our death via climate destruction. Let’s get into it, then…

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 14, 2023


Position | Momentum (Prosthetic)

UKBM quintet Calligram follow up first full-length The Eye is the Circle with new album Position | Momentum, which maintains the band’s fusion of atmospheric black metal and D-beat hardcore. The songwriting on Position | Momentum is more refined this time around, with extra emphasis placed on the atmospheric black metal side. It’s the middle of July but Calligram make it feel like the dead of winter with their new album.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 14, 2023


Bestial Devastation (Nuclear Blast)

Re-recordings don’t generally tend to go over super well (looking at you, In Flames) but the Cavalera brothers re-envisioning of Morbid Visions and Bestial Devastation are the exception to the rule. Re-recording the songs from Sepultura’s Bestial Devastation / Século XX split with Overdose, the Cavaleras keep the spirit of the originals intact with better production and playing. There’s also a new song, “Sexta Feira 13,” that fits the collection surprisingly well despite being written in the present day.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 14, 2023


Morbid Visions (Nuclear Blast)

Why stop with the first EP? Morbid Visions continues the brothers Cavalera’s quest to re-record their early work. Once again, these songs sound great; the eight classic offerings sound better without feeling like sanitized or sloppy clones of the originals and new song “Burn the Dead” is a neat addition to the canon. Neither of these two re-recorded albums are ever going to replace the originals but they’re a killer update and an always-welcome reminder of how great Sepultura were in their early days.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 14, 2023

End Reign

The Way of All Flesh is Decay (Relapse)

As far as underground hardcore bands go, End Reign are about as close to a supergroup as one can get. Conceived by guitarist Domenic Romeo—known for his time with Pulling Teeth and Integrity, plus label A389—and rounded out by Mike Score (All Out War), Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer), Sebastian Phillips (Noisem, Exhumed) and Arthur Legere (ex-Bloodlet), End Reign are the sum of their influences, playing metallic hardcore influenced by the likes of Slayer, Cro-Mags, Bathory and Amebix. Add in guest features from members of Integrity, Full of Hell and the Legendary Pink Dots and you’ve got a real ripper on your hands; The Way of All Flesh is Decay is one of the albums you need to hear in 2023.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 14, 2023


The Unknown (Napalm)

Long-running UK thrashers Evile look toward The Unknown with their sixth album. It’s a mix of groovy thrash and melodic metal, with the band performing their first ballad, “When Mortal Coils Shed,” in a decade. Evile take on some pretty serious topics lyrically, too: mental illness, loss, parenthood and life in the music industry. The end result is a refined, mature album from a band celebrating 20-plus years of existence.

Other Shit That Comes Out Today

Auralayer, Thousand Petals (King Volume) Listen
Chamber, A Love to Kill For (Pure Noise) Listen
Crown Magnetar, Everything Bleeds (Nuclear Blast) Listen
Deitus, Irreversible (Candlelight) Listen
Eleine, We Shall Remain (Atomic Fire) Listen
Exsanguination, Burial Rites (Horror Pain Gore Death) Listen
Nuclear Remains, Dawn of Endless Suffering (Maggot Stomp) Listen
Various Artists, Best of Soundgarden (Redux) (Magnetic Eye) Listen
Various Artists, Superunknown (Redux) (Magnetic Eye) Listen

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Shit that comes out today 7/14

Andre Matos – Maestro Do Rock – Episode 1

Gather ‘round, headbangers, the heavy metal heavens have cracked open to send us an epic sonic treasure! ????️ Andre Matos, Brazil’s Rock God, is strutting through Thunderflix with an opera of riffs and a mane that would make a lion jealous. Crank it up and feel the spirit of the maestro! Get ready to samba in a mosh pit as Andre’s divine voice shakes your very soul! 

Kittie Live At The London Music Hall

Kittie has clawed their way back to the stage for the first time since 2013, and they’re here to thrash! This 20th-anniversary reunion is like witnessing a supernova of metal. With line-ups from multiple eras, it’s a relentless barrage of heavy, fast, and aggressive metal. This ain’t your grandma’s cat show – it’s Kittie in full roar, tearing up the stage! Get ready to lose your mind (and possibly your voice)! 

Heavy Trip 

Embark on a wild journey with this uproarious comedy as a Finnish metal band sets out for fame at a legendary festival. Hilarity ensues in unexpected encounters, epic twists, and a killer soundtrack. 

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