Shocker: Vince Neil Actually Sounds… Okay?


Someone better check the temperature down in Hell, because it’s late July 2023 and I’m writing a MetalSucks post about Vince Neil actually sounding half decent during a recent show. While the rest of Mötley Crüe are ostensibly working on new material or trying to find new ways to drag Mick Mars through the mud, it looks like Neil performed a half decent set at the York State Fair in York, Pennsylvania yesterday.

As is expected these days, footage of the entire concert was posted to YouTube. Naturally, yours truly expected to see Vince sucking down wind faster than a full pack of uncooked hot dogs, but nope. To my surprise, as you can see in the video below, he actually sounds okay. He’s not really mumbling through the songs, nor is he really forgetting the words. Dare I say, it seems like an alright performance.

It should be noted that as a man in his 60s, he’s not going to hit those high notes anymore. Not only that, but it’s only fair that sometimes he does get a little tired and thrusts the mic stand into the crowd, as if to say “here, you sing it now.” That’s all fine and dandy for a man who usually just looks lost on stage.

Attendees at the fair last night were also there to check out RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy perform with his solo band, as well as a set by Quiet Riot.

Now, it should be said that Vince has had a long line of bad shows really mar his reputation as a performer. One decent show isn’t going to change that. But this is proof that there still might be a half decent vocalist in there somewhere.

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