Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 28, 2023


My body is at work but my mind and spirit are at the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie…

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 28, 2023

Dead Heat

Endless Torment (Tankcrimes/Triple B)

Yo, you need to check out Dead Heat. The California crossover act are quickly rising through the underground—so make sure you check ’em out at Metal Injection Fest—and the Endless Torment EP makes it extremely clear why. At five songs, it’s just all killer and no filler, with a lot of opportunities to mosh and grab the mic. Between Dead Heat, Drain and Enforced, crossover is having a moment this year.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 28, 2023

Mutoid Man

Mutants (Sargent House)

Mutants is the first album in six years from Northeast weirdos Mutoid Man and their first with new bassist Jeff Matz, best known for his work with High on Fire. First track “Call of the Void” sets the tone for how things will go: technical, fun, whacky, melodic. Stephen Brodsky has no shortage of riffs and his vocals sound great. Drummer Ben Koller and Matz hold down the low end and the three musicians together make a record that sounds like no other band. Whether you’re an old fan returning or a new fan about to be made, Mutants will stay in your heavy rotation.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 28, 2023

Signs of the Swarm

Against the Low & Empty (Century Media)

For their new album, deathcore crew Signs of the Swarm recruited producer Josh Schroeder. It’s their first time working with an outside producer and it’s clearly paid dividends: while they haven’t deviated from the deathcore formula, Signs of the Swarm have a more dynamic sound on this album, allowing the heaviness to show itself through tighter, groovier songwriting and all-around better production. Against the Low & Empty is the heaviest new release today.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 28, 2023

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

Slaughter on First Avenue (Rise Above)

Live albums will always probably feel like an antiquated thing, especially as high-definition live videos and in-studio performances get added to Youtube. Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats feel like a band from another time, though, and so it feels fitting that they’d release a live record. According to frontman Kevin Starrs, “People have been asking for a live record, and sometimes it’s nice to give people what they want, especially if you follow it up with something they definitely don’t want! Overall it’s a very raw sounding recording, and that’s just how it was on the night. There was no specific reason for choosing the first show, other than some guy just turned up and offered to record it, so we let him! It’s a proper live record with all the mistakes kept in.”

If you’re already an Uncle Acid fan, you’ll eat this up. If you’re not already an Uncle Acid fan, what the fuck are you doing?!

Other Shit That Comes Out Today:

Astralborne, Across the Aeons (Prosthetic) Listen
Blood Runs Cold, Blood Runs Cold (DAZE) Listen
Contrarian, Demos & Oddities: 1995-1999 (Self-release) Listen
From Ashes to New, Blackout (Better Noise) Listen
Girlschool, WTFortyfive? (Silver Lining) Listen
Nuclear Power Trio, Wet Ass Plutonium (Metal Blade) Listen
Sadistic Vision, Destroyer of All Dreams (Boris) Listen
Thra, Forged in Chaotic Spew (Translation Loss) Listen

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