Dave Lombardo Side Project Venamoris Drop New Single “So Good,” Quickly Sell Out of Liquid-Filled LP


Ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has been a very busy man this year, with various projects taking up his time across multiple genres and releases. Dude even went so far as to release his own percussion-based solo album. But one project probably resides extremely close to his heart — the one he and his wife Paula put together called Venamoris.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve covered the act. Nor is this the first single we’ve highlighted. But alongside today’s reveal of their latest single and music video for “So Good,” featured on their debut album Drown In Emotion, the duo announced that they’d be putting out a special autographed clear LP variant that features a striking red liquid inside them.

Priced at $250, Venamoris and Three One G opted to make the vinyl variant a super rare release, with only 10 copies available for purchase via their Bandcamp. The signed, liquid filled LPs also came with unlimited streaming of the album.

Unfortunately for you if you were interested and reading this, the listing on their Bandcamp is already sold out. So if you haven’t already confirmed your order, then this collectible is already out of your reach. Bummer.

If not, however, you can always listen to the album on your preferred streaming platform. You could also just buy the clear or smokey red vinyl off their Bandcamp for a tenth of the price of the super limited edition.

Drown in Emotion Tracklist:

01. Let Me Be
02. We Fall
03. This Is Me
04. Crimson Tears
05. Misguided
06. Drowning Emotion
07. I Love It
08. In My Silence
09. It’s Gone
10. Tell Me How You Know
11. Oceans
12. So Good

Listen to “Crimson Tears,” A New Song from Dave Lombardo’s Venamoris
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