Nikki Sixx Says Mötley Crüe Don’t Give a Fu*k, Like We Can’t Already Tell


Whether it’s their use of backing tracks, their stance on Mick Mars following his departure, or Tommy Lee using a gig to shill his OnlyFans, it’s pretty obvious that Mötley Crüe just doesn’t give a fuck. If they did, why would they be actively hurting their legacy by un-retiring and phoning in live performances night after night?

During a recent episode of the Australian edition of 60 Minutes, the Crüe were featured alongside their tour mates Def Leppard to discuss their high octane heyday and their ongoing world tour. And while the 14 minute segment featured below covers a lot of ground, one particular comment by bassist Nikki Sixx stands out:

“I feel like our [middle] finger is about to go higher. I think we’re kind of in the ‘we-don’t-give-a-fuck’ phase of our career.”

Is that a cool statement of defiance? Sure, why not? Though as a 64-year-old rich white dude, Sixx (and the rest of the band) are more in line with the establishment than they could ever be a force of rebellion against it.

Remember, this was the band that officially hung it up back in 2014 by signing contracts in blood that not only said they’d never tour again, but that they’d remain a four piece with the members involved at the time. That included Mick Mars. Yet thanks to Netflix and its The Dirt biopic doing so well, we’re saddled with the unfortunate reality that Mötley Crüe in 2023 just doesn’t give a fuck about legacy and would rather let Vince Neil flounder around on stage only half singing the songs they’ve performed for decades.

I mean, all you have to do to know Mötley Crüe “don’t give a fuck” — especially about their fans — is the fact that their setlist for this year’s world tour is pretty much exactly the same from last year’s tour. Rather than mix things up so fans can see them again, they’d rather cut corners yet again and provide the same experience at the same price and hope the same fans will come out again. And they likely will.

And this is what Mötley Crüe will be for the foreseeable future. Remember, Sixx wants the band to continue touring for another seven years if possible. With new music in the works right now, that’s entirely possible.

But yeah, Nikki. We already knew the band was in its “‘we-don’t-give-a-fuck’ phase.” You’ve been living there for a while.

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