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Botch Will Bring Sumac, Converge, Cave In, and More on Their Fall Tour


There was a time not long ago when we thought the world would only get a handful of Botch reunion shows at most. The footage of their first show hit the internet and people were reasonably stoked. After all, we thought our time with the band was short. We were under the assumption that once that mini-tour was over, that would be it. Done. Kaput. Finito.

In fact, back in 2022 Brian Cook said that was exactly the case and t hat they’d be hanging it up for good sometime after the dust settled.

As it turns out though, that wasn’t exactly the case, as they’ve since announced a fall tour of the U.S. And while that tour was already considered a must-attend around these parts, the band recently announced their lineup of supporting acts at the various dates and I gotta say — this shit just exploded in terms of hype.

In addition to getting to watch Botch live in 2023, you could also catch Sumac, Primitive Man, Mutoid Man, Converge, Cave In, Deaf Club, or more, depending on the date you attend.

If you’re planning on hitting up one of these shows, be sure to check the list of dates below and grab a ticket at one of the links below.

10/5 Portland, OR (w/ Sumac) [Tickets]
10/6 Portland, OR (w/ Helms Alee & Gold Sweats) [Tickets]
10/7 Portland, OR (w/ Help & Psychic Death) [Tickets]
10/13 Chicago, IL (w/ Facs & Sweet Cobra) [Tickets]
10/14 Chicago, IL (w/ Facs & Special Guest) [Tickets]
10/19 Austin, TX (w/ Portrayal of Guilt & Fuck Money) [Tickets)
10/21 Denver, CO (w/ Primitive Man) [Tickets]
11/8 Atlanta, GA (w/ Thirdface) [Tickets]
11/10 New York, NY (w/ Mutoid Man) [Tickets]
11/11 New York, NY (w/ Uniform) [Tickets]
11/14 Baltimore, MD (w/ Burial Waves) [Tickets]
11/15 Philadelphia, PA (w/ Uniform) [Tickets]
11/17 Boston, MA (w/ Converge & Cave In) [Tickets]
11/18 Sayreville, NJ (w/ Converge & Cave In) [Tickets]
12/7 Los Angeles, CA (w/ Special Guest) [Tickets]
12/8 Los Angeles, CA (w/ Deaf Club & Negative Blast) [Tickets]
12/9 Santa Ana, CA (w/ Deaf Club & Roman Candle) [Tickets]
12/12 San Francisco, CA (w/ Kowloon Walled City) [Tickets]

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