Corey Taylor: “I’ve Never Seen a Band like Slipknot”


Have you ever wondered what Corey Taylor thinks about the musical chemistry between members of Slipknot? The band’s vocalist discussed it on an episode of the Zach Sang Show podcast, responding to a previous comment that Slipknot’s members might not be friends without the band’s continued existence.

“I know that, that quote has been taken and run with for a lot of people, but what people don’t realize is that there’s something so much more than friends. The guys in Slipknot, it’s family. That’s so much deeper than just a friendship. I’m in bands with people who I’m friends with those people, but we’re not close. And that’s the real difference. When we get on the road with Slipknot, it takes us a second to kind of knock the rust off of our relationships. The playing always just kicks right in. I’ve never seen a band like Slipknot where rust just does not stick to us for some reason. I mean, we can walk on stage with literally no rehearsal and we sound like we’ve been touring for two weeks, three weeks. I mean, it’s incredible. But that means that something has to have worked. And that’s where the relationships in the band have come. That’s what we’ve really had to work on, is embracing each other for who we are and not who we want each other to be. And that’s psychosocial behavior. And that’s where that term came from, because that’s when we really started to talk about trying to get on another level. We had all spent so much time pushing against each other or pushing away from each other that we forgot all the great shit that we had done together and that we appreciated about one another. And that, to me at least, was where I really tried to change my ways and change the things that I said and my approach to how I, you know, appreciate everybody.”

The first incarnation of Slipknot was formed in 1995, so the band has existed for a long time. People change a lot over the course of almost 30 years so it’s not really weird that the relationships within Slipknot aren’t the same as they were when the Twin Towers were still standing.

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