Dan Lilker Played “Scum” with Napalm Death During Last Weekend’s Brutal Assault Festival


With Nuclear Assault announcing they were supposedly done for good earlier this year, you’d think bassist Dan Lilker would be taking it a bit easy somewhere in New York. But you’d be wrong. Rather than soaking in the insane heat in the Eastern U.S. this past weekend, the former founding member of Anthrax got busy tearing it up with Napalm Death in Jaroměř, Czech Republic for this year’s Brutal Assault Festival.

During their set, Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway announced that long-time bassist Shane Embry was unable to perform due to some health issues that cropped up. Rather than call the show off, they relied on their bass tech to fill in for almost the entire set. And I only say “almost the entire set” because nearly halfway through their set, the band welcomed Lilker on stage to play “Scum,” off the band’s 1987 album of the same name.

As you can see from the clip below, Lilker held his own as the band tore through the song’s roughly two and a half minutes. Honestly, it looks like he was having a blast up there, despite how short his time on stage ended up being.

It’s unclear why Embry wasn’t available to perform this past Saturday, but we hope he’s feeling better soon. Especially since he not only needs to play with his band, but he’s got an autobiography to promote before it’s released this October.

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