Gojira’s Joe Duplantier Says He Performs Better as a Vegan: “I Can Keep Going and Going and Going”


Every performer has different pre-show rituals, especially with regard to what they will or won’t eat before they go on stage. Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier recently spoke to Finnish publication Chaoszine about his preferences, to which he shared that he eats foods like avocado before he goes on stage. More interestingly, he said that his energy has a performer has increased significantly since moving to a vegan or plant-based diet (h/t Blabbermouth).

“I wanna say this on a side note, but since I quit animal products and I eat plant-based [foods] only, my energy increased by ten or a hundred. I don’t know, because how would I know? Every time we finish a show, I’m still full of energy and I keep going. I can keep going and going and going. And back in the day, before I changed my diet, at the end of the show, I was at the end of my life. And I was young; I was 20[-something]… Dude, I should be the opposite, right? But then I changed my diet, and now I can go anytime. Even if I eat in this three-hour window, it’s gonna be super light, so it’s gonna be acceptable. But if I would eat cheese or meat or heavy things, it’s impossible.

“So I think although I don’t have the healthiest lifestyle — I drink a few beers after the show; I’m a night owl, so I don’t sleep a lot. I try to catch up on sleep in naps. But I do drink a lot of water and try to sleep as much as possible. These are my secrets — that are not secrets; everybody knows it [laughs], even for non-singers. But yeah, the diet change was crucial in my life.”

Gojira have a pretty heavy touring schedule these days—and they’ve been performing for decades now—so a diet that allows Duplantier to keep going is important. Check out our list to see which member of Gojira we’d vote for if they ran for office.

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