11 Black Metal Songs for the Toxic People in Your Life


We all have a special someone (or sometimes multiple someones) that just drag us down. You know the kind of person we’re talking about — those special people in your life you wish would either leave us alone or kick the bucket. Thankfully, black metal’s excellently suited to tell those people exactly how you feel, from the disturbing little number Bethlehem‘s “Thou Shalt Kill Yourself” to Azaghal‘s “Kill Yourself,” to Nocturnal Depression‘s “Hear My Voice… Kill Yourself,” it’s easy to give someone the extreme metal equivalent of the middle finger.

Keep in mind that as you read our choices, most of them aren’t pure black metal. Rather, in line with our topic, the creators behind these tracks demonstrate a lack of regard for the rules. Gather your most hated ones near and blast these 11 tracks that are venomous enough to kill off all the human parasites in your life.

Darkthrone — “F.O.A.D.”

Fenriz and Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone are the kings of sass. “F.O.A.D.” is the refreshing title track on Darkthrone’s 2007 album. Fenriz wrote the music and lyrics to “F.O.A.D.” and also provided the vocals. The empowering phrase “Fuck off and die!” is uttered exactly thirteen times during the course of this crust punk-infused composition.

F.O.A.D.’s next song, “Splitkein Fever,” is likewise perfect for today’s list. The same applies to so many other Darkthrone scorchers, such as “Lesser Men” and “Inbred Vermin.” We must not forget “Shut Up” — an absolute must-hear that calls out posers: “Are you Satan? I don’t think so! You copy my style, and you call yourself a man.”

Mork — “Avskum”

“Avskum” hails from Mork‘s most recent victory, Dypet (2023). “Avskum” is a wonderful song with a ton of attitude. Unfortunately, Mork’s huge success has caused much envy. Thus, on the topic of haters, the band‘s mastermind, Thomas Eriksen, told Metal Injection: “I think it’s funny when people who don’t even know me are pointing fingers and saying that I’m this or that. That just tells me that I’m doing something right.” That was perfectly stated. Anyone who doesn’t love Mork really needs to take the hint above from Darkthrone.

Vondur — “You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give a Fuck)” (Bathory cover)

Vondur‘s cover of Bathory‘s “You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give a Fuck)” first appeared on the EP The Galactic Rock N’ Roll Empire (1998) and then on the compilation No Compromise (2011). We still mourn the loss of Vondur‘s It, who passed away in 2017. We salute All, the other half of the long-disbanded Vondur duo. Together, these two men created maximum chaos. Their daring work remains incredibly exhilarating all these years later.

Shining — “Längtar Bort Från Mitt Hjärta”

There are a ton of songs by Shining that could drive you to kill yourself and/or those around you. However, for now, we have the murderous “Längtar bort från mitt hjärta” from the classic album V — Halmstad (Niklas angående Niklas) (2007). At first, this gorgeous pick might seem a bit out of place on our list of abrasive tracks. Yet, it is actually the most deeply vitriolic of all. The savage yet masterful vocals of Niklas Kvarforth seethe with psychopathic anger. Meanwhile, the divine guitars of Peter Huss and Fredric Gråby are guaranteed to give you an orgasm. Johan Hallander, furthermore, slayed on bass, and Ludwig Witt added his golden touch on drums.

Nattefrost — “Cunt Bloody Cunt”

Carpathian Forest‘s Nattefrost is one of the most lovable and outrageous men in metal. His resurrected eponymous solo project Nattefrost should be your go-to for drugs, sex, “Blood & Vomit.” “Cunt Bloody Cunt” hails from the live rock n’ rolly, punky, blasphemous BM adventure of an EP Drunk and Pisseskev at Ringnes 2004. A nice little bonus is that this song actually includes a woman on bass — the late Deathanie, in this case credited as Deathanie Cunt. In addition, ex-Ulver’s AiwarikiaR played drums and Hellstorm’s Dr. Amoque Von Berlevaag handled guitars on this effort.

Gehennah — “Piss Off, I’m Drinking”

There are so many songs by Sweden’s Gehennah that would be suitable for today’s purposes: “I Fucked Your Mom,” “Beat That Poser Down,” “Get Out of My Way,” “Say Hello to Mr. Fist,” etc. Yet, we find “Piss Off, I’m Drinking” to be especially unforgettable. This track appears on Gehennah’s second demo, Brilliant Loud Overlords of Destruction (1994); their debut album, Hardrocker (1995); and other releases. No one could resist these charming words: “I said, ‘Baby, metal is what I need, not some bloody whore to feed… Piss off, I’m drinking. Piss off or die.’” Gehennah’s style may be described as street metal with a thrashy black n’ roll twist.

Dødsferd — “Bite It, You Scum” (GG Allin Cover) 

Despite their Norwegian name, Dødsferd actually comes from Greece. Dødsferd‘s cover of GG Allin‘s “Bite It, You Scum” can be found on the split release Misanthropic Bonds (2012). Of course, it’s always fun to hear black metal bands covering songs by non-BM artists. The late American misfit GG Allin has actually inspired a good number of black metal musicians, including Nattefrost.

Ritual Death — “Vermin”

“Vermin” is the second track on Ritual Death‘s self-titled debut album, which dropped last year: “Vermin you are, and as vermin you shall be treated.” Formed in 2016, the Trondheim-based Ritual Death is composed of veteran artists who make most bands look unworthy of the stage. Ritual Death is fronted by Wraath, who is full of a very specific type of rebellious attitude that sometimes comes across as abstractly punk. His comrades Lord Nathas and Nosophoros are also heavyweights, who, again, put all but their fellow elites to shame.

Sarcoma Inc. — “I’ll Spit on Your Grave”

The delightfully wicked “I’ll Spit on Your Grave” can be found on Sarcoma Inc.‘s third album, Psychopathology (2008). Sarcoma Inc. was an insanely special entity, which delivered vitriolic black metal that fulfilled all of our sickest fantasies. Even Fenriz considered himself a fan of this band. In Vice, he called their debut, Torment Rides Forever (2004), “ABSURDLY great.” Unfortunately, Sarcoma Inc. seems to have vanished into the night after Psychopathology. We hope that this duo will resurface one day.

Vesen — “See You in Hell”

The energetic “See You in Hell” is the penultimate track on Vesen‘s debut album, Ugly (2005). Vesen is a phenomenal black/thrash band from Norway. The lineup on “See You in Hell” includes the formidable talents of Ronny Østli, Thomas Ljosåk, Kenneth Solbø Andersen, Dag Olav Husås. You might also know some of these musicians from groups like Devil as well as the hilarious and wicked Lobotomized. Østli is actually a music journalist and has also played an important behind-the-scenes role in the career of the classic band Tulus.

Close Enough: Reitgjerde Pasientband, and the Heavy Ripping Fyrstikk — “Al’right Fuckheads”

“Al’right Fuckheads” is the product of one of Fenriz’s defunct solo projects — Reitgjerde Pasientband, and the Heavy Ripping Fyrstikk. This track is not stylistically black metal, but we could argue that anything by Fenriz is black metal in spirit. Oddly enough, “Al’right Fuckheads” is a bonus on Valhall‘s demo Trauma (1990), which also includes an Isengard song.

Fenriz actually co-founded Valhall in 1987. Yet, due to his Darkthrone-related commitments, he had to step away from Valhall for a while. On Trauma, he played drums on three of the four Valhall compositions, and his first replacement, Thomas “Sarke” Bergli, who would co-found Tulus, contributed drums to one track.

(This pick begins around the 17:20 mark below.)

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